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"I barely told her anything, and she picked right up on my situation, it was like she knew my partner better than I do! I will definatly call her again!"
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I can read on any topic except for these three....
Death-I do not predict on the day you or a loved one will pass that is between our creator and the person's will to survive.
Lottery- I can't pick numbers or tell you how to win money if I could do that with my gift without abusing it and the reason it was given to me I wouldn't be here!
Health- I can sense areas that aren't functioning well or cause pain so you can follow up with a Doctor. I can tell you if the outcome a doctor shares with you will be good or bad based on sensing your reaction. Years ago a client named Rose called to ask if I saw her disfigured after surgery. I didn't I saw a tiny dent like a dimple. She had a jaw tumor they warned her they may have to remove a portion of her jaw. I asked if I could do some visualization and prayer on it for her. She agreed. when she contacted me again the tumor had shrunk from a walnut to a pea size and did not require jaw bone removal. She admitted she didn't think allowing me to pray would do anything but didn't think it would hurt! I am highly connected to my guides and the creator. I can help you in life I know this. I am a 3rd generation psychic medium.
Approach to Topics
I tell the truth even if its not the answer you want. I always try to be tactful and sensitive when the news is bad. I am quick and to the point. I give insightful yet direct answers and offer help with the outcomes and choices you face.
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