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Angel Wolf
Angel Wolf
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I use Tarot and Oracle cards to show you answers to your life's questions and blockages. Shadow work? Kundalini awakening? Working through career changes? Moving homes? Hear from our ancestors and angels through these tools.
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Past Lives
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Spirit Guides
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Women’s Issues
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Empathic, claireaudient I share what messages come through as well as walk the dance of storyteller and diviner to unwind what might be blocking you, what might be healing, as well as things to look forward to. Sometimes, things still need time to unfold and that is when the Oracle cards resonate most! Regardless, I use every tool in my energetic tool box to work with guides, spirits, and angels in allowing messages to come through.
Approach to Topics
I tap in, tune in, turn on, and connect with your energy through space using Reiki. I then connect with you, as we read the cards to see what aligns and step further in to your journey so that we find as many possible solutions or outcomes to what may be happening or could be a potential outcome. I have tools to offer yes no answers, general life readings, as well as using many tarot and oracle cards to read the messages for you.
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