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One of the most accurate psychics on Keen. Call me for a reading that will absolutely amaze you! Be forewarned, however, that I DO NOT sugarcoat anything. (Just read my feedback.) Be prepared for the truth!
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I was one of the original Keen advisors, back in 1998. I took time off to pursue a career in film and television, which has been going well. I decided that I wasn't going to offer readings until in a situation that needed me. I've been giving readings to friends and family, as well as telling people that I "hear" or dream about.

However, this pandemic has sent me back to Keen to offer readings. I have a very flexible schedule and will be making myself available to you all throughout the day and sometimes at night.
Approach to Topics
When you first call, I need your name and birthday. I tune in pretty quickly. Now, I do NOT sugarcoat things. I shoot right from the hip and tell you what I see. I might have messages for people around you, and I will ask you about them. Sometimes I'm compelled to stay on certain topics. If I can't get off a topic, I will tell you so that I won't waste your time.

I'm not an advisor that will keep asking you to come back. You are welcome to contact me whenever you feel the need. I won't give winning lottery numbers or anything to that effect. I also won't tell you what you want to hear. It's all about honesty with me.

I may not always be "nice," but I will ALWAYS tell you the truth. Be prepared to deal with news you might not want to hear. I won't waste your time or money, as you can see by the feedback that has been left for me. I will not sugarcoat anything for you, so don't expect your reading to be all peaches and cream. I will, however, be the candle that helps you see in the dark.

I firmly believe that everyone creates their own destiny, and you can make your life path change. In just one phone call, I can give you an excellent grasp on any situation you ask about. Most importantly, I can tell you how to take your situation where you want it to go. I will tell you the obstacles that you will face and the choices that you will have to make.

Again, please be aware that I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!!! I think that it is wrong for a psychic to offer "advice" just by basing it on what they think you want to hear. Therefore, you might hear some things that you might not be ready for. I will tell you the TRUTH. If you are ready to face your situation head on, then help is just a click away.
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