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Carrie Janks
Carrie Janks
Clairvoyant with a Personal Touch
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It is my distinct privilege to read for you and to participate with you in this spiritual experience through which we both learn and grow!
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Deceased Loved Ones
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I understood that I was having a unique experience with spirit at a very young age and I have been reading professionally for 25 years. I discovered that I inherited this gift from family generations that came before me and at that pivotal moment I realized that I could not treat this talent as a mere folly. My eagerness to learn led me to study with an accomplished psychic and to train with a community of talented readers whom helped me to acknowledge, understand and embrace this awesome gift. I also work with a healer who helps me to farm this talent while remaining within the protective force field of my spiritual life.
Approach to Topics
I am humbled and amazed every day by this God-given gift and believe that helping you is my singleness of purpose. Spirit provides me with information in a number of ways: through impressions and imagery; the use of symbols; automatic writing; and sometimes through speaking to me. I am also oftentimes interrupted by those who have passed on and whom would like to "speak" with you, and I like to acknowledge them and relay the messages that they would like to pass on. While I recognize that you may not always hear what you want to hear, I trust that spirit would not misguide you. I encourage you to take a moment to prepare before your reading so that you are open to the messages that sprit would like to bestow upon you in support your life's journey!
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