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My Clairsentience, Guides and the Tarot allow me to trace energy signatures for you. I'm a consistent 5* Advisor. Call me for confidential readings that reveal honest details you won't forget. On Keen since 2001.
I became aware of my abilities as a small child, and have been in tune with the spirit world all my life. As I grew my interest in nature-based teachings grew with me leading me into independent studies around spiritualism and paganism. Later, while in college I took up the study of world religion and philosophy. I also continued independent studies with a variety of private teachers in shamanic and indigenous spirituality. I have been a spiritual teacher and reader for over 5 decades and since 2001 here on Keen, I will be honored to serve your needs. I recognize that time is precious, both yours and my own; however, a true reading is going to take a minimum of 15 minutes and can go longer if you have need of other questions, but your time will always be respected, never wasted. I will share the truth of what is shown, which is not always what you expect to hear. For this reason it is vital you keep an open mind and willingness to embrace the truth in what comes through.
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I work on a multi-level basis utilizing my clairsentience to trace the energy signatures around your issues. I invite my Guides to join me if they have insights they wish to add to what I'm picking up while employing the Tarot as well as my pendulum for a well-rounded and multi-dimensional perspective on your matter of concern. I offer readings spanning the near future that cover the next three to four months, as well as yearly forecasts in monthly overviews from the date they are created. Gift Certificates are also available, please inquire via email.
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CinnamonMoon has been a user of Keen since 2001. Getting Life Questions advice from CinnamonMoon through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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