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Fairie Moon Child
Fairie Moon Child
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Empowering Clairvoyant Empath with insight and answers! Are you ready to hear truth that will help move your life forward in positive ways? Learn to become one with Love and Happiness.
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I am a third generation psychic, born with the sensitive gift of second sight (Clairvoyance) and the ability to read and feel the energy of others.

I've used my gift for nearly three decades helping people heal, get to the core of the problem, resolve old relationship issues or let dead end relationships go, gain internal strength & balance, achieve greater success at work, or take that risk in starting a new job or business opportunity.

I have helped my clients find the love & happiness within themselves and their relationships that had seemingly evaded them for years. I've helped healing happen where traditional methods have disappointed or even failed.

Approach to Topics
I travel through your energy to see and feel what is going on around you. I use this information to help enlighten you with insight and understanding, providing guidance and tools to make the best choices possible for your greater good with happiness, love, success and inner well being.

I will ask for your first name and DOB (m/d/yr). In complicated relationship situations I use a guide given form of numerology to 'jump start' the energy into you and those who you wish to inquire about. Don't know DOB, or aren't comfortable giving it? No worries. Then all I would ask for is 'approximate' age. My guides will work the rest out.

With Chat, however, full DOB is requested unless you do not know it.

If you are wanting timelines or have 'When' questions, I will also ask for 'last point of 2 way contact'. This is not a judgement and simply a place to anchor energy as I move forward reading between the lines.

When requesting timelines, please understand that they cannot be pushed and will come to me as I flow through the energy. Generally it will take within 4-5 minutes unless you are a client I have read for often and am familiar with your energy. It is not a 1 minute answer, please don't try to push it in to one as you will risk sabotaging the reading. ~Thank You.
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