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Feelings of an Empath
Feelings of an Empath
Empath. Lightworker. Read Ad Before Calling!
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My 3rd eye has now opened! I don't make predictions but I can feel things better when you open up to me. I will "know you" as you talk to me.
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Hello there! I'm Terry and I'm an empath and lightworker. I feel, absorb, and take on the energy, feelings, and emotions of ALL people and animals. As you can imagine this can seem like a blessing and a curse at times. In this call you must open up and tell me things that have been going on in your life in general or things between you and another person. Because I'm empathic, I will pick up emotional feelings and energy about the things you tell me. I do NOT read the future and I do NOT know what someone is doing behind your back but I can feel things about their character and intentions depending on how open you are with me. As a psychic empath, everyone "feels familiar" to me as tho I already know them. This helps me to be a good spiritual listener and advisor. I expect to be busy on KEEN in 20/20 and I also expect to have 20/20 psychic vision in 20/20! Remember, the whole world is in my head so it's hard for me to tell you everything you want to know! It's not easy being psychic and being psychic is nothing like what you have seen or been told. It's much deeper than that! I look forward to meeting you "again" because remember everyone feels familiar to me as tho "I already know them." I never get used to it!
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