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Having been taught to read tarot by my Gram, and traveled the world to hone my craft with the cards. I come here to share my worldview with my guide Ezra to talk about love, life or your universe. we are all made of stars
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Having been taught to read tarot by my Gram, and traveled the world to hone my craft with the cards. I come here to share my worldview with my guide Ezra to talk about love, life or your universe. <3
Remember! we are made of stars.
I'm a consulting business psychic in my spare time.
I channel to do my reading TODAY.
Approach to Topics

You've seen ParaNorman, I'm ParaLacie.

I'm a straight up clairaudient (clear hearing) I do channeled readings through my dragons. (as i found them the quickest to give on Keen.) Plus Ez and Jassi and Masiel are *really* chatty.

I'm a funny girl, but I will not sugar coat. I use tarot as a means I ESSENTIALLY PULL as you type to focus myself and my guides. (If you rush me I can't do this. It'll be good if you plan on 5-10 mins for one question chat)

Because sometimes even spirits need help!

My mates all call me Mulder's daughter because I'm so damn spooky and usually right sooner or later. (Things do take TIME to fall into place sometimes, I can't help that. I hate it too trust me.) I'm soon to be your go to psychic bestie. I do like taking care of others, I will help you! It's why I'm on Earth.

Let me break that down to clear up confusion on recent callers part, I have a spirit guide, I LAY cards down to fine tune to what your big picture is.

I'm like that no nonsense bff who'll always make you laugh but has to be honest. Because why would not want someone who'll tell you, to suck it up and move on if it's that time?

I want to build your better life with(for /to help decide how ) you. (we all deserve our best outcome) I try to make you aware of your choices. because you do affect your life, you have a role to play. Sometimes, we feel lost and feel like we don't.
I'm here for all types of relationships though, I REALLY specialize in soul connections (soul mates, twin flames) or business partnerships and readings. ( I'm never really sure how to word it)

I understand, I am here to deliver messages, you don't have to listen AND you don't have to like what me, my dragons or cards say. We may disagree its okay. I may turn out to be right, months, and years later....just like my mates you'll wonder H O W.

I know. Trust me.
Life can really get to you.
For those times I'm here.

But..I can not always promise superhappyfuntimes it just doesn't happen. Not even I have them, and I "see the future.."

Sometimes, even if you talk to me you still have to go through bad things it helps get you where you need to go. To the GOOD.
due to speech problems after surgery I had in July 2019 I prefer chat, please arrange calls via the ping feature and be warned gaps in talking or if you have issues hearing me...are unfortunately a bug in my voice now...not a way to pad calls...

Thank you in advance, Lacie.

Notes About The process:

I prefer channeling my dragons, but I always lay out three cards to focus the call/chat. If more is needed I'll let you know.
Asking a question, clarifies MY information NOT anything else.
(I am trying to be speedy, however giving you ACCURATE info is key)

Remember, I channel, so IF my responses seem short or ugly, consider who you're asking about. Also please be calm, it helps me read you, all factors involved.
I know it's your life and stress but, nothing is unfigurgeoutable!

3228 reads for you, my internet friends and I'm *still* here.
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