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Houngan Kris
Houngan Kris
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EXPECT: A Professional Resonated Spiritual Seer; Reading Characteristics, Thoughts, Feelings, Intention, Potential, Loyalty, Wants, Needs, Expectations, and more. Related to Love, Friendship, Career, Money, Business,etc
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Being born with my gifts, that have been passed through my family-line in generations; both from my Mothers and Fathers side, I provide accurate readings to help you to be able to confirm and realize the truth as it is; meaning looking in depth of your situation- giving clarity of your past, present and Your future outcome be it Questions about yourself, your current situation, or people involved in your life.

Readings and spiritual work is my full-time profession; this is a gift I was born with and have evolved throughout the years with lots of personal work and not the least with assistance from my Spiritual mothers and elders (mentors) that I have had the honor to live with both in Canada and Haiti; that have schooled and guided me since 2003 to understand and perfect my gift even more.

I am also initiated as a Priest of Haitian Vodou (Aka. Voodoo), hence the Title "Houngan" (Which translates Spiritual Leader) since 2006; which was the year I embraced and acknowledged and dedicated myself to my spiritual gift fully.Since this time I have worked with clients and it became my fulltime profession doing Readings and Spiritual work. I am also proud to say I belong to a very well know and respected spiritual Temple, Sosyete Labelle Deesse Dereale.
Approach to Topics
Using my specialty in reading people, I use my the gift I am born with to help you on a path to both confirm, see the know and the unknown to give you the opportunities to create a change in your life. A reading is supposed to be a support, a tool if you like to be able to see solutions and create changes in your life for the good. This is what I work for, and you as my client get the chance to see in the core of what is asked. Keep in mind, information travels fast.. If your time is limited let me know I dont want to waste your time; but if you chose to invest time in your reading I will give your details.. It takes time to connect properly, truthfully thing about it.. In the old days, we didn't have the pressure of time.. In a few minutes Ill give you a perspective- Yes of course.. but REALISTICALLY; what YOU INVEST IN is WHAT YOU GET..
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