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What questions revolve in your mind's eye every day? Often, those questions are not the Core Question that has the capacity to Change Your Life. Let's find those Life Changing Realizations together today!
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Born Psychic. Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Telepath, Medium, and Empath
I have been through many Cycles of the Phoenix, the sacred bird who continuously bursts into Fire, burns to Ashes, and is Reborn and Transfigured from them. I have walked into the flames of pain and heartache, confusion and self-doubt, anger, rage, and depression only to watch the structure of everything and everyone in my Life disintegrate into a hollowed, burnt out shell of what I had come to know and expect. Each Cycle Transfigured me into a brand-new Being; more Compassionate, Wiser, and more Self-Aware than before. As I improved with each Cycle, the structure of my Life improved as well.
Being born a Psychic, it took a long, long time for me to understand that what I knew, heard, saw, understood, and felt were NOT anywhere near what others experienced. This made Life extraordinarily Painful and Confusing; Beautiful and Magical. My Life was always Surreal. When I was a child, I would routinely walk home from school with my eyes closed because it was a fun game to me. When I was 7, I meditated for the first time and saw the Twin Towers collapse. (Of course, I did not meditate again until I was in my mid-20's.) I remember, when I was around 10 or so, playing a 'child's game' of floating (elevating) an adult into the air with a chant and nothing more than our pinky fingers. These are the things that were completely 'normal' to me. I was unable to differentiate how dissimilar I was because I had no one to compare myself to and those around me knew nothing of it, nor did they understand it. They just passed it off as "strange", "weird" or "too sensitive". Even my grandmother who I inherited this Gift from, spoke nothing of it. We just took it for granted that that was the way Life was. Having no one to help to bring me to awareness of who I was, was lonely, painful, and confusing. I was often told negative things about my abilities and I eventually came to see myself as a bad person and began a journey of Self Hatred. My mother suffered from severe depression and I suffered along with her as I had no knowledge or understanding of what an Empath was and how to separate my emotions from hers. I see now that those thoughts and feelings back then were not coming from me but from my Empathic abilities.
Today, thanks to wonderful teachers, persistence, and determination, I occupy a very different Mindset and Life. My days are filled with Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Understanding and Self-Respect which echoes into my daily Life and Relationships.
Approach to Topics
Our Life Path is chosen by Us. Oftentimes it is uneven, sometimes treacherous, sometimes beautiful, peaceful and easy. It is ALWAYS what we choose. Even when we are convinced it is not. Our Souls come here with a Purpose. When we cannot see anything other than a TV screen, we have lost our way. Let me help you see where you are in your Life Cycle at this moment in Time. There IS a method to the seeming madness of our Spirit Guides, even when we are deliberately sent in the "wrong" direction. There is something so important waiting there for us. Sometimes, the most important Realization of our Lives.

-Practical advice on stabilizing, nurturing, and growing your Life into a state of Love.

-Transformation through practical steps specific for your personality and tendencies.

-Helping you to ground, heal and grow.

-Getting to the Root of the current issue or interest. Going deep, shining a guiding light out of personal entrapments.

-Creating an opportunity to truly take control of your Life through Clarity, energy work, meditation, crystals

-Co-navigating the Evolution of you and your Relationships.

Please understand that the Time you give to this reading is a First Step toward your own Healing. Ask me about your area of interest!

To best utilize your minutes, please give me background to the situation in question as my answers come through conversation. Thanks! I look forward to connecting with you!
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Kind · 16
  • Honest · 14
  • Accurate · 12
  • Detailed · 10
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