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Every trip through life comes with a new task, often simple. Every life with un-completed task, stacks up into the next life. Let's work together to find the easiest and or the most fun way to get them all done this round
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I was a kid on vacation, who had been obsessed with reading cards.

A young couple late a night as a bar was closing, were having an argument. I walked up and set them strait. He had planned an elaborate night to propose to her... and she had turned down every thing he had planned for the night and it was causing them way to much pain for me to let slide... so as a little kid I walked up told them all this and he pulled out the ring and she said yes. From that moment on I knew that to not use my gift would be to not do what The universe had called me to do.
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I call upon my Higher Power, and their other servants to contact your Higher Powers and their servants, for this life and all other's your soul has unfinished task.... and You and them, and I all work together, to come up with an easy and fun way to complete all past lifes unfinished task... so you can finish the rest of this time around without the weight of past lives.
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