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Let’s co-create the life of your dreams! I assist those dedicated to personal growth by helping navigate life paths and provide clarity with a strong focus on soul healing. Certified Spiritual Life Coach through the CTAA
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Past Lives
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
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I am a natural born empath and psychic. I started giving readings as a child, predicting events, and openly communicating with those who have passed as young as 3 years old. Currently, I help lead hundreds down their paths with a strong emphasis on healing and personal growth. Clients return time and time again for assistance with relationships, life path/lessons, and general guidance. Through connecting with guides, Archangels, and ancestors, I am used as a conduit to answer your questions and pass along messages meant just for you. I do not require the use of tools, however do have tarot and oracle cards available upon request. I look forward to helping light your path ahead!

I have my Tarot Master Certification, Reiki training, as well as Spiritual Life Coach certificate accredited through the CTAA.
Approach to Topics
We reach a point in life where knowing WHEN just isn’t enough- we want to know WHY. There is so much more to you than meets the eye and I’m here to help you uncover your most authentic self. With a strong emphasis on soul healing and growth, we take a look at the lessons you’ve signed up for, what obstacles lie ahead, and how to find the path of least resistance. Think of me as your own little cheat code to the game of Your Life. I take a realistic approach to growth and help turn the life of your dreams from a fantasy into reality.

I encourage you to take notes as often times a lot of information will flow very quickly. Don’t take offense! Guides will pull up weak areas of your life and shine some light on them. This is a GOOD thing! We can’t make room for the new if we don’t take a good, hard look at the old and clear it out. Sensitive topics may arise, as our traumas hold us back more than we realize. Remember, you are in control of your life - and this reading. If something comes up that you don’t want to discuss, just let me know and we will move on. However, for best results, I encourage you to go deeper and listen to what the Guides and Angels have to say. They’re here to help and nothing worthwhile comes from staying in our comfort zones.

If you’re still reading, you’re more than likely ready to dive in and take the leap into a new and better you. But before we get started please do the following:

-find a private space
-get comfortable
-take 3 (or more) long deep breaths and focus on your intentions
-get excited knowing you don’t have to wander your path alone...I’m here to help!

Let’s get started, Beautiful Soul, we’ve got work to do!
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