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I am a born gifted empath who inherited my ability to feel others true feelings at a very young age. I am 3rd generation psychic as far back as I know at least. I have read the tarot for over 25 years naturally unknown to me as I thought it was a game as a child. Adults and family realized that I was able to see my " stories" in the play cards and they were indeed not made up stories after all. I was encouraged to read of others and have ever since. I don't always use cards and often don't reply on them for my messages to you. Ive been reading for people and receiving messages for others my whole life only recently I felt it was time to join a site and begin to reach out to more people. I am a graduate student of psychology and my passion is to help others and provide any sense of clarity and calmness. I do NOT use psychology to provide therapy or advice on keen. I am only here to provide my psychic abilities to gather the truth you seek and answer your questions. If you want advice on anything feel free to ask, but I will never push my options on you. This is your life. Ask what you want to know, receive truth, and do worth it as you will. I do not lie or sugar coat! I am compassionate and kind so I will find a gentle but truthful way of telling you what it IS and NOT what you only would want to hear.
Approach to Topics
As an empath, I have the ability to tune into your thoughts and feelings as well as those around you. I can get past the words spoken in order to reach down and feel the true feelings that are there. I often can see images and hear words that often help me receive you answers and what is really going on. I am a strong empath, I'm very sensitive to others feelings, so please be as clear as you can be when calling so I can tune into your focus as clearly as I can. If you are thinking of many things and not focused, its harder for me to see through the many feelings I feel with you. Take a deep breath, focus on what it is you are seeking to know about or ask and then feel free to ask away! I am very open minded and I do not judge anyone. There is nothing to ever feel shameful or scared to ask me. I'm not here to judge your situation or you I am only here to help deliver the truthful answers you request. I also can & at times use the tarot. I have used cards for over 25 years. I don't always need to use them though but often I find for some it works better than for others. I just need names and a question. Although I am knowledgable in astrology, I do NOT use it for readings. I will not ask your date of birth. My time frames are not perfect as I often get numbers or seasons, but It can be hard to determine down to a exact moment. Also, time frames change as we & others make changes in our life with our free will. KEEP IN MIND I CANNOT TO 3 MINUTE READINGS. IF YOU WANTA TRUE READING, THEN YOU NEED TO GIVE ME THE TIME TO HEAR YOUR QUESTION, TUNE INTO YOU, THE PERSON IN QUESTION, AND/OR THE SITUATION. I THEN HAVE TO GIVE YOU THIS INFORMATION THIS TAKE MORE THAN A COUPLE OF MINUTES! I WILL SEND FREE MINUTES TO ALL CALLERS IF ASKED BUT NOT FOR A 1ST CALL. PLEASE ALSO, DO NOT KEEP PUTTING ONE MORE MINUTE DEPOSITS, THE ONE MORE MINUTE INTERUPTIONS ONLY CAUSES ME TO LOSE FOCUS AND DISTRACT ME.
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