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Having inherited my gifts as a child, I have had about every kind of psychic experience. I've had dreams that were like seeing the future through shower door glass. I've had psychic induced migraines. But what i like best is what I do best, remember the future, by accessing my psychic ability with a regular deck of playing cards to keep my psychic clearly separated from my logic.
Approach to Topics
I'm not much of a prayer considering I'm about half agnostic and about half Catholic. But I do have one prayer and I say it every morning before I start work:

"Thank you God, for giving me more psychic ability, and more wisdom than I've got any right to so I can truly help the people that call me today.... Amen"

Other than that, I'm a meat and potatoes kinda psychic. I don't talk to spirits on the other side. All I do is access my psychic memory with your questions, and I use a regular deck of playing cards to keep my logic and my psychic separate. I don't think or talk much new age stuff. I'm not interested in long hellos or goodbyes.

I'm interested in finding out the things we both want to know:

How does he feel towards me?
When will I hear from him again?
Is he seeing anyone else?
Why is my boss being such a jerk and how do I get him to quit it without losing my job?

Those are the kinds of questions I like, down to earth questions. I don't need your background story, just your names and your question. If you tell me you had a fuss last night and then I see he's still mad at you today, how do either of us know that was really psychic? It's when you DON'T tell me that upfront and my cards say he's still mad at you over a fuss - THEN you can really see. Please, let's see how well we connect. Come on, click the link to request your free minutes and let's get started.

I am your 'little butterfly on the wall.' I am your psychic, coach, best friend, and sister. I'm always in your corner. Your problems are my problems too and together we can find you the best path out of whatever storm you're in. Message me for your two free minutes. See for yourself.
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