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Lynn Walcutt
Lynn Walcutt
I am clairvoyant clairsentient and clairaudient
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I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. This means that I can see, feel and hear answers to questions. I guide my clients through a variety of life situations from relationship issues and finances to pets .
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Destiny/Life Path
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Deceased Loved Ones
Skills & Methods
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I have been working as a professional psychic for over 40 years. I had many unusual psychic experiences as a child ,beginning in early childhood, when many gifts begin to appear. Seeing energy forms and colors around people ( auras) , astral travel ;sensing the presence of a friend’s deceased mother. I had deep empathy for animals and cried as a 2 year old at the killing of a fly.
When I was 26 years old my life changed and I was directed to go in a new direction. I had a near death experience in which I saw angelic beings and a bright loving light. I was attracted to that light, but it disappeared as I reached for it. A year from that day I met a psychic, Robert Petro, who encouraged me to give readings. The way I met this psychic was by divine guidance. . I had just completed my Masters in Education and did not know the next step to take. So I sat down with a map, meditated on my direction for a few minutes and with eyes closed I pointed to the map. Winsted, Connecticut came up. I drove to Winsted and went into a health food store asking for spiritual communities. I was directed to New Milford. Following instructions, I went there. Upon entering the town, I saw a sign: “Foundation for Psychic Research”. Here I met the psychic, Robert Petro, who encouraged me to do readings.
Since that first meeting, I have done thousands of readings. I had my own cable TV show in New York City called “Psychic Insights” where I gave live readings and taught psychic and spiritual development..
I practice Reiki healing on animals as well as humans. I work with horses as an equine therapist. . I study Yoga and Chakra Psychology. I am a meditator , vegetarian and animal rights activist.
Since receiving my Masters in Social Work as a Mental Health Counselor I have been utilizing my therapeutic skills in my readings as well as my intuitive skills in my psychotherapy practice. I am an art therapist and enjoy working with children. I love my work and look forward to sharing my skills and helping as many people as possible
Approach to Topics
I take an empathic and down to earth approach in guiding a client on their path.My readings begin with a brief “tuning in”. I receive images and impressions, whether visual or auditory pertaining to the present as well as potential futures.
I believe that each person has the capacity to develop intuition and use it in daily life. One of my goals in working with people is to help to draw out that ability to allow inner guidance to surface.
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