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Maiden of Wisdom
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Born Gifted-a real Clairaudient who cares about YOU! Quality Readings for 17+ years-as a 5 Star Reader! Readings for Love and LIFE with true Accuracy, Dates/Details! Are You READY for the Truth?? Call me NOW!
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***Please READ BACKGROUND Info PRIOR to call!**

I am a natural born Psychic-born under sign of the Dragon-Aquarius-the Truthbearer! Please KNOW that I really DO tell the TRUTH! IF you can handle that-I AM the Reader for YOU! I have mixed blood-Irish and Cherokee and gifts passed down for generations from ancestors within the U.K. I've been a Gifted Seer since birth. I have been reading for over 40+ years-reader and on Keen for over 20+ years now. I am blunt to the point-I work with Spirit and Angels! Tarot cards are available and offered-and read by consent only. I depend mostly on gut 'intuition' and what Spirit shows to me regardless in any reading! I worked with enlightened psychics when very young-and was told I was gifted and tested for accuracy. I've read strangers to many business owners with accuracy. I have joined in hauntings of old houses-and witnessed ghosts and the power of the supernatural world around us! I kept a journal of 'dreams/visions' for many years and saw future world events-things to come. I am daily aware of one fact...my eyes have seen the Future!

I do NOT hand out Fairytales. I WON'T 'fluff' any reading-just to get 5 stars! I'm a well-known Reader who for for many years REVEALS reality WITH Truth and can see clearly through lies or deceit! I give REAL predictions that do receive confirmation-even months after a prediction! Sometimes you NEED to talk to someone-who can listen and be open and honest with you. I'm a VOICE Sensitive (Clairaudient"-I connect to Voice vibrations and sounds *)! I connect by VOICE. I offer honest and clear answers and rely on whatever SPIRIT and what angels show me. I AM a firm believer in KARMA. What you say or do always returns to you! Calls ARE confidential-PLEASE call from a quiet place only!

I offer specific readings with PROVEN Accuracy on:
Occult/Paranormal/Supernatural/Spiritual issues
Lost objects
Timing and dates on important matters
Dealing with death and grief and loss
Love relationships, friendships, family matters
Money and career changes or moves

I've also had NDEs (near death experience*.) in my life-but my mission in life is not 'done'. I AM a Messenger-guided by and gifted by SPIRIT.

Call if you are serious-do feel FREE to take notes-I do give info FAST! Being a Reader is NOT about 'me'-it's about YOU! *Note: Hours may VARY during bad weather/storms.

Please do NOT call if you are NOT seeking HONEST answers-the REAL Truth-a guarantee given in ALL my readings! Respect my time AND yours! Please have ALL questions ready BEFORE calling! Please do NOT ask questions that violate KEEN policy(see below**)! YOUR time is PRICELESS-I don't wish to waste your time OR mine!

I DO give TIMEFRAMES-REAL DATES in ALL readings. I ask for SPECIFIC questions to see what SPIRIT reveals to me about your LIFE and issues! I DO respect ALL Clients time AND money-and do reward those who become repeat 10 minute callers!

The MOST important thing is this...
IF you have been seeking an HONEST Reader who truly CARES about YOU-and YOUR FUTURE..
You just found the RIGHT one!

ANY Reader can tell you what YOU want to hear!
A FEW of us will NOT compromise the REAL TRUTH about what's coming in YOUR FUTURE! I AM ONLY A MESSENGER!

CALL for YOURSELF-to see IF I am GENUINE! PLEASE READ ALL FEEDBACK! Always let SPIRIT lead you in whatever you DO in life!
Your Written Feedback is always needed AND is much appreciated!

YEAR: 8/21/2003
MEMBER: acct2885
"IF you don't want to hear the TRUTH, then this lady is NOT for you. She sees ALL the truth; and is kind enough not to deceive you. I found her very refreshing. I will definitely call back!"

::WARNING:: I only tell the TRUTH in ALL readings. I will NEVER compromise myself OR my integrity!

**I do NOT answer ANY Lottery/Legal/Health or pregnancy questions/readings per Keen policies! This IS told to ALL Callers. Thank You!**

~Blessings and Happy New Year!~
Approach to Topics
I am a NO Fluff Reader-as I only believe the HONEST truth is
what you are entitled to-to help empower you on your journey in
life. I AM a Voice Sensitive-meaning 'picks up on voice vibrations' -am a true Clairvoyant, an empath and a precognitive Reader. I do ask for SPECIFIC questions from all Clients-but sometimes the answer may NOT be what someone wants to 'hear'. IF asked a question that I cannot answer (ex: in violation of KEEN policies*)-I will NOT waste your time either and/or I DO reserve the right to disconnect the call immediately!

I do ask when calling-please DO keep an open heart and open mind when getting read. I do NOT deal in Fairytales or lies-or waste anyones time OR money. My first words on original ads began in 2001 started with "Get Ready for the Truth!" That logo remains true today and forever.

I am 100% honest and have read total strangers with proven
accuracy for years! I AM fast-and to the point-do not
waste time in reading others! I also give dates/timeframe
information in all readings-sometimes pick up names, descriptions of people, of places and important information in detail. Your phone call to me is confidential! I DO ask that you keep an open mind in our reading; and please do NOT 'compare' my reading to another persons reading-that is NOT fair to me OR another Reader! I also send free minutes to Repeat Clients! Feedback is appreciated! Please send email if not available OR sign up on Arrange a Call!

Please have all questions ready prior to a call-so no time is wasted! I encourage you to take notes if you call. I always depend on what SPIRIT alone whispers what you need to know and why!
I do NOT use Spirit Guides or readings on them! I do NOT do energy readings or past life readings. I depend on SPIRIT only to help me foresee what lies ahead for YOUR Future! Sometimes names come-NOT on demand-sometimes clear images-but I just 'know' and won't hide what I see!

Your call is anonymous-so don't fear connecting by phone!
I am blunt and to the point so your time and money are not
wasted! I DO offer or use Tarot and/or Angel cards-to give
indepth insights in addition to what I see with Clients permission only! Please note: I am NOT responsible for a 'bad phone connection'! If this occurs-please back call another time.
ADD ME to your Favorite List-to find this ad again!

You can call any of 1000 Readers anywhere-but I WILL
guarantee you-I am the one who you'll finally call that will be
friendly, caring and compassionate, but totally 100% honest and
caring enough to tell you the real truth-and NO BS or Fairytales!
Isn't that why you call a Reader? Call for yourself and use your
own judgement about what I foresee about you and your life and all those you inquire about. These eyes have truly seen the Future!

~ Blessings~

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