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Maiden of Wisdom
Maiden of Wisdom
Honest AND Accurate w/Dates! NO Fluff Psychic!
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Born Gifted Psychic-real Clairvoyant! 100% HONEST readings for Love, Money, Career and LIFE! Fast and tested for Accuracy, Dates/Details-over 17,000+ readings! Get READY for the Truth! Hrs. vary-Call her NOW!
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***Please read Ad Info below.***

She is a natural born Psychic-born under sign of the Dragon-blood of the Irish mixed with Cherokee; ancestry records are dated from the 1400s and the Templar Knights. She studied under some of the best experienced and enlightened Teachers and Mentors at a young age. She saw things that amazed and shocked her. She wanted to learn from this power circle of new friends who were older and wiser. She experienced more in a few months than many do in their lifetime from each person. Tested and told she was a true psychic seer-and had been gifted since birth. Gifts to be respected-not taken for granted! She began a journal of 'dreams/visions' around 1993; and she was shown future events.

She learned to respect the gift-thanks to the awesome teachers she had. Eventually she went public to use it for thousands who called her for guidance from the U.S. to overseas. She has read friends, strangers in the street, managers in the workplace, done Chatroom readings, read thousands-from Hollywood to Housewives with real and honest reviews-for true accuracy proven many years. Her predictions seemed to always come to pass-which she would hear sometimes later from those read. She was rated as one of the Top Ten 5-star Psychic Readers on a prior network before coming to Keen. She is a Voice Sensitive-meaning 'picks up on voice vibrations' and is a true Clairvoyant, an empath and a precognitive Reader. Your call is anonymous-so don't fear a phone reading-it is confidential; also she does offer free minutes to Repeat Callers her for readings! She depends on what Spirit and her Angels show her. She is blunt and to the point so your time and money are not wasted! She does use Tarot and/or Angel cards-to give indepth insights in addition to what she sees. (Tarot is used ONLY with ones permission; Clients are TOLD this!*) She works in the Light and tells you what SPIRIT shows her-no Fairytales-but honest readings! Please be honest in your questions in order to get an ACCURATE reading. Please view ALL Reviews for ratings. YOUR Feedback is always appreciated!

She has had more than one NDE experiences (Near Death experiences*)over the years and met her Guardian angel-Michael. She's learned there is definitely an afterlife and angels are very real! She is thankful to be ALIVE; and also knows the VALUE of giving ONLY the TRUTH in her readings-meaning NO Fairytales given or false HOPES about others lives! She's given predictions to many in management to strangers-but has been a Professional Psychic 18+ years; known to be a Top Psychic for accuracy-and given over 17,500+ readings in Life Questions over years. She will NOT compromise the truth in any reading. She does believe in the principle of Karma which teaches, "What we do unto others most definitely returns tenfold"! She is not responsible for "bad phone issues"-so call back if this occurs! Call for yourself and use your own judgement about what type of Reader she is-as she will be honest with what she sees about you!

YEAR: 8/21/2003
MEMBER: acct2885
"IF you don't want to hear the TRUTH, then this lady is NOT for you. She sees ALL the truth; and is kind enough not to deceive you. I found her very refreshing. I will definitely call back!"

If you are seeking real honesty, integrity and accuracy that has been tried and tested to be true over many years-and helped thousands-please know she offers you all that Spirit gives her and more! It would be her honor to read you! Hours may VARY-due to storms-9/15-16th*-call NOW or send email or sign up for Arrange Calls! Thank You!

WARNING:: The Truth ONLY is told here -NOT a fairytale that hurts YOU later on. If you cannot handle that-PLEASE call a different Reader! She walks in integrity-and will NEVER compromise it!

::She cannot answer Legal/Health or pregnancy related questions/readings--per Keen policies. Thank You!.:::
Approach to Topics
She is a no fluff Reader-as she does believe the real truth is what you are entitled to-to help empower you on your journey in life. She offers clear guidance to help restore inner peace, absolute joy and offer wisdom about each of your concerns. She is friendly to anyone who calls for a reading and honest. She asks for FIRST names ONLY--and have a REAL QUESTION ready prior to calling.
She does answer questions from all Clients-but sometimes the answer may NOT be what someone wants to 'hear'. IF asked a question that she cannot answer-she will NOT waste your time either! She does ask when calling-please DO keep an open heart and open mind when getting read. She does not deal in fairytales or lies-or waste anyones time OR money. Her first words on original ads began in 2001 started with "Get Ready for the Truth!" That logo remains true today and forever.

She gives specific readings with clarity and accuracy and has had years of experience on:
Lost objects
Timing and dates on important matters
Dealing with death and grief and loss
Love relationships, friendships, family matters
Money and career choices
Interpretation of Dreams and Visions
Paranormal/Occult/Supernatural/Spiritual concerns

She is 100% honest and have read strangers/others with proven accuracy for years-thanks to Spirit and the many Angels that have guided her to share the gift. She is fast-and to the point-does not waste time in reading others! She will answer specific questions, give dates/timeframe information in all readings-sometimes picks up names, descriptions of people, of places and important information in detail. Your phone call to her is confidential. She sends free minutes to her Repeat Clients! She does ask for Ratings and Feedback for her readings. Hours can vary due to many things-especially sudden Storms-so PLEASE call NOW or send email if not available! Also-you can sign up on Arrange a Call!

Please have all questions ready prior to a call-so no time is wasted! She encourages you to take notes if you call her. She always depends on what Spirit and her angel guides alone whisper what you need to know and why! She definitely prefers specific questions-they are always answered quickly! Tarot and/or Angel cards and details are available to her Clients! She always uses her own intuition first in any reading! Know this-you did not find her by accident if you feel led to call her! She never compromises the truth in any reading-but will tell you exactly what she picks up on you and why! She is here to give you guidance to empower you-as you journey along your path in this life. You can call any of 1000 Readers anywhere-but she does guarantee you-she is the one who you'll finally call that will be friendly, caring and compassionate, but totally 100% honest and caring enough to tell you the real truth-and no fairytales! Isn't that why you call a Reader? Call for yourself and use your own judgement about what she sees about you and your life and all those you inquire about. Her eyes foresee the Future!
~ Blessings~

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