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Life can be tough and confusing, let me help you
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I provided insight on anxiety, confusion, and grief as well as happy and exciting times with over 20 years of accurate readings that includes mediumship and channeling.
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From the age of 6 years old, I have communicated with individuals that have passed before us as well as angels and my spirit guides. Over the previous 20+ years I have helped others in their life when it came to the tough decisions and brought clarity when they had none. I have completed hundreds of hours of implementing my abilities in channeling and empathic works to receive the messages most important to my clients. I also completed an Intuition Abundance Academy.
Approach to Topics
My goal is to bring you peace, joy, relief and understanding. I will NOT tell you simply what you want to hear. I speak the truth even if it may sound harsh. Life is harsh! It is not always rainbows and lollipops. However, I will deliver all messages tactfully and with respect. I am a true believer in the Law of Attraction- if you think negative things are always happening then that is what will happen; insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome; manifesting your desires is a real thing; and kindness costs $0.

The methods I use to receive messages are with the assistance of my Spirit Guides. The messages are delivered empathically and via channeling. My guides will talk to your guides and then relay that information to me. Some of this information is known as confirmation information that allows me to know I am connected to your energy. Many times the information is given very quickly. If this occurs while we are on chat, I will rapidly type out all of the information (please excuse the typos lol but my brain will be moving faster than my fingers). Once I am finished typing please take the time to read the entire message before asking questions because sometimes you may find answers farther down in the reading. If we are talking telephonically please have a pen and paper handy to notate the information I relay so that you can return to it once I am finished and ask any questions you may have.

I am also able to read pictures, so if there is another person you would like for me to read then please message me their picture and I will connect to their energy.

Please understand each psychic reads people in different ways therefore each reading you receive is special and unique.

If you prefer a flat fee you can message me and provide information on which option you prefer from the following:

2 questions for $15 by clicking https://www.keen.com/Mail/Action.aspx?mailId=188720&cd=uLpBUGJKpbgq2TwI094QCw%3d%3d

3 questions for $20 by clicking https://www.keen.com/Mail/Action.aspx?mailId=191540&cd=SLctTUG3FeavWz73aMfU7A%3d%3d

5 questions for $30 by clicking https://www.keen.com/Mail/Action.aspx?mailId=191541&cd=M6027ECTAGix%2fxaySjP9%2fQ%3d%3d

The questions will be answered in full detail of what I am shown from my guides. When ordering a paid email reading please provide your date of birth, any other person's date of birth that is connected to the situation and the questions you have for me. I will then send the answers in an email that once you pay the fee then you will be able to open the email. I decided to offer the paid readings because I understand sometimes a person may not be able to sit on chat or on the phone to get the answers to their questions.
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