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As a psychic - I do not use tools. I have spent 30 years honing my craft through meditation, prayer, and working directly with those in need. I am fast and clear. I do not read on TIMING. When you need to know, just call.
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I am a practicing psychic medium, and consider it an honour to read for you. I will provide you with the messages that spirit provides for you - so in order to make the best use of your time here, please have clear questions about your situation ready. The clearer your questions, the clearer the response from spirit is able to be. It helps if you are clear - so take some deep breaths, avoid alcohol or medication before calling if you can.

I do not read on timing - because it is very, very changeable and depends entirely on the choices you make day to day. If I am given a time frame - eg a season, or a "not before X date, I will certainly pass that on - but please don't call if your only concern is timing based. On keen - we are not able to answer health/pregnancy or legal questions as per their policy.

Those who choose to play games, and test the psychic etc, will inevitably receive mixed messages....when you lie to spirit, you confuse the issue. Personally - I'm pretty sure you have better uses for your money - than playing games that don't get you any real answers. I will deliver the message honestly - if it's not what you were hoping to hear, I completely empathise with that, but it does not justify abusing the messenger. Please be mindful when calling.
Approach to Topics
Please take a few deep breaths before calling. Avoid alcohol and medication if you can....have your questions ready - and bear in mind that the more specific your questions, the more specific your response from spirit can be.

At all times, the responses received from spirit are for your highest good. With your best outcomes in mind. Often - these outcomes are not what you want to hear. You may have very different ideas about what is right for you right now. I understand this - and so deliver the truth as gently as possible. But please bear in mind, just because the message is not the one you hoped for, is not a justification to abuse, or demean me, as the messenger. If you are not prepared to hear the truth, and only want to hear your pre decided outcome - please do not call me.
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