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Moon Card Tarot
Moon Card Tarot
Intuition Based Honest Tarot Readings
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Moon Card Tarot is here to give you clarification on your situation. Relationships, career, and spiritual growth.
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Please read entire listing before starting chat.

Please no Pregnancy, Health or Legal questions.

Moon Card Tarot reads the energy of the cards at the current time. He is not a psychic and cannot guarantee you the future. He is not a remote viewer and can not find you items or tell you where someone is or has been. Outcomes can change every minute regardless of what the cards say at the current time. You have free will to change your outcomes and he can not tell you which decisions to make. He is here to provide clarity for your current situation.

Please take the time to ground center yourself before starting chat. Have a specific question in mind beforehand. General questions will be given general answers. It works best if we can focus on a situation or person as Tarot can have many meanings for the same cards.

Moon Card Tarot experienced his own dark night of the soul and became very aware of his intuition. Many times evidence of a situation would fall on to his lap without even looking for it and he soon began taking it as a sign from his guides and angels that his feelings on a situation or person were correct. He bought his first deck of Tarot cards shortly after and has used them to confirm his intuition.

Moon Card tarot hopes to help you clarify your situation and help you to release and move forward on your path.

Moon Card Tarot has given many readings with accuracy in various groups and he hopes to do the same for you!
Approach to Topics
Moon Card Tarot is compassionate yet direct. He will give you the same respect you give him. He will not lie to you or tell you what you want to hear. He will read for your questions and relay to you exactly what the cards are saying.. He will offer what his intuition is telling him based off of the energy the cards are giving him.

Moon Card Tarot can not tell the future, he can only read for you what he sees from the cards that are pulled for your questions.
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