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Ms Intuitive Angie
Ms Intuitive Angie
Help you to seek Truth, with the Ability to Heal
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Feeling confused, unsure, torn between a lie and the truth. Well allow for the Holy Spirit to flow in power, through guidance, and for healing to manifest.
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I DONT GIVE TIME FRAMES. EVERYTHING IS DIVINE TIMING.Some of you may remember me back in 2013-2015 as former reader Intuitive Angie. I'm a Prophetess, I believe strongly of the dictation of the Holy Spirit. I'm also extremely sensitive when it comes to picking up the energy surrounding people, places, and things. I dont need any date-of-births just names. God blessed me at a very young age with a phenomenal gift to help people including family and friends. I have also helped numerous people steer from making the wrong decisions. Alot of hurt, pain and rejection comes with being super spiritual so you're not alone! The call on my life is to help you spiritually. I cant make up a lie nor tell you any feel good stories here. Some have told me they already knew I had a gift without me even saying a word. God has blessed me with the ability to pour into the lives of others in a super positive way. I am positive and vibration stays on super high so that I can make and see forth a positive change in order to help you. I am a willing vessel that is advised to help others, and I allow all information to flow through me. Again, I'm a positive reader, and welcome all positive energy. I will not entertain negative reads for people nor negative people. I believe firmly in prayer, and the power of the holy spirit, as the spirit also guides me with every intimate moment during a reading. As soon as you call you may get the read of your life as it's not about me its about the dictation of the holy spirit and what the holy spirit feels you need to know right off. Now, I will not read for you if you are rude, disrespectful, trying to test my abilities, or if your energy is negative. Sometimes the information can just all come so quickly other times very little information is given. Nothing is made up, and I Guarantee you, you won't be disappointed. One thing everyone needs to know is sometime its just not meant for us to know everything or every detail, so with that being said, I will never force my own opinions or thoughts on you. That's what a real reader does, Keeps it real with everyone. I also appreciate a truthful advisor. I dont play guessing games and you will not force me to just tell you whatever you feel and think things should go or what should be said. I'm not here to take your money, I'm here to see you through that rough patch to make a positive change.
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I am a good balance of compassionate, understanding, relatable and non-judgemental. I'm straightforward, kind, understanding, non-opinated as well as a great listener. I WILL NOT CONDONE NOR READ REGARDING EXTRAMARITIAL AFFAIRS. I'M NOT THE READER FOR THAT. NO GENERAL READINGS AS WELL, SO COME WITH YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!
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