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I look into the energy and tell people just what I see there, no tools, only strong lifelong honed skills.
A lot of it was honed as a natural defense. There is still some question out about some DNA being involved. However, there is an occult style religion in my background from childhood. Some family members people call aliens today. A life long pursuit to find the real truth.
My mother insisted I am not 100% human. I do not.
However, I find it a little cool that unlike others I don't need to frame my eyes to pretend they have sight.
I operate numerously podcast, a few books, and maintain countless blogs.
Approach to Topics
There is a place just before the Akashic records that the records are created, changed and/or erased. It is that place I do my readings from. I could care less what the spirits have to say or what the angels have to say. God says nothing till the recording is made. That is where your information is coming from.
Not all readings are positive ones filled with unicorns and rainbows.
I try to be very considerate of how I relay the message. There is no such thing as a negative reading. We should strive to know what to be prepared for.
I can only give you suggestions based on my experiences as to how to change or enhance a reading. I dislike I told you so because that's fake. Everything we decide on comes from or creates experience and maybe you need that experience to save your life in the future.
So I try to be as pleasant as I can on any reading, even good ones.
I use trance and breaking that trance will end our call.
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