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Mystical Mirror by Rikki
Mystical Mirror by Rikki
Personal Love Guide
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I am here for you as your Exit Guide from Unhealthy Love Relationships! I can be your Psychic friend extending the hand you need to help you move forward & the shoulder you need for strength! Please read below before calling!
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Women’s Issues
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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I have done at least 15,000 readings for wonderful clients, primarily on Keen. I am intuitive, empathic, clairaudient and clairsentient. I have had these gifts since I was a kid and they have grown as I have grown. I love connecting with my wonderful peeps in matters of the heart, but I also know that many are hurting and need to leave a relationship that is keeping them from blossoming.

This listing is ONLY for those who need a nudge in leaving a toxic relationship or who have actually decided to leave but still need someone to be there as support on the exit ramp. Let's face it, there are but so many times you can call your friends before they get tired of hearing your stuff, right? Well, I will not get tired. That is what I am here for!
Approach to Topics
I have read for so many on Keen in unhealthy love relationships and I have decided to devote this listing to those ready to move forward to devoting their time and energy to now loving themselves. I will be your psychic guide and friend as you walk out of a toxic, perhaps dark connection into a lighter, brighter world.

This is the SOLE (and Soul) reason for this listing and it is why the price is lower as I realize it will take many sessions to walk out of perhaps a challenging situation into a positive healthy space. I will be here for you as you need me, as circumstances arise with you.

"Life is Slippery, Here, take my Hand..."
H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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