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Psychic Seer Mystic Lady Jayde
Psychic Seer Mystic Lady Jayde
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If you need the raw straight forward truth, You will find that I give you exactly as things come in for you. <3 EMPOWERING TRUTH ONLY <3 NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, BUT ALWAYS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW <3
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Aura Cleansing
There is a reason you are reading this right now in this moment of life! You are seeking answers, and I am here to help give you what you need to know in this moment. There is something that I have to share with you that has drawn you here to me.

My gifts have been present since early childhood. I was brought into this world thru one woman and raised in this world by another. I relied heavily on my spirit guides as I was growing up and not understanding fully their purpose in my life. They were physically with me until about the age of 7 years old. Helping me to adjust to this human experience. My mom thought it was a bit strange that I had this "invisible friend", but she "played along" setting place settings at the table for my friend and having my friend with me everywhere.

Then on a train trip, we got off the train and my friend did not. They had transitioned me to fully come forth in this experience to share the gifts of empathic awareness and knowing with others who struggle along the way.

My guides assisted me in physical form in this human experience on other occasions as well. Specifically to survive a very tragic car accident where I broke my neck in 2 places.

I hope to significantly touch your life.

Approach to Topics
The gifts of psychic and empathic awareness and of healing and energy cleansing have allowed the universe to work through me in ways that have changed lives. For over several decades, I have worked with numerous tools and methods of divination that have enabled me to clearly see into anyones past, present and future. As a master psychic both clairvoyant and clairaudient, I connect with my guides to give you insight into your most deepest areas of your life.

I will serve you with a non judgemental ear and a compassionate heart in all areas of your life whether it be love, relationships, money, career, family, home, etc My readings are not only honest and forthcoming but also compassionate. Please expect only the truth! I will tell you exactly what I see, no suger coating! Knowledge and Truth is where you have the power to make healthy choices of the direction you are presently going.

I look forward to exploring your life paths and direction with you as we connect together for your greater good! Thank you for choosing me to entrust with the personal and confidential areas of your life.

TIME FRAMES ~~ They are very fluid meaning slightest of movement can impact timing of things. I will give you any time frames that are present in your reading, however small things can impact the timing by days or weeks
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