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New Listing! A Natural Prophetic And Angelic Oracle/Shaman To The Otherworldly Planes By the Shekinah Spirit! Gain Peace Now, Your Angels Have Something To Say! No Time Wasted, Free Mins From A Paid 10min Chat
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Destiny/Life Path
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Women’s Issues
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Spirit Guides
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Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
My gifts just happened when I nearly drowned while having swimming lessons when I was little. When I was brought out of the pool, the Sun shone so bright and blinding where I saw My Lord Jesus and I knew it was Him. I could almost see His face, I saw His hands and I could feel His smile over Me. This wave of fire just moved all over Me and around Me. That was the day He saved Me and My soul, as well as given Me these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Which guides Me and allows Me to communicate with Seraphim Angels, Archangels, various Angels in the Heavens.
I remotely view, hear, feel and can shift in spirit to various realms and dimensions to provide the real divine guidance you seek. In complete mercy, grace and pure love. My faith and power comes ONLY from Him by Father God.

I do not waste anytime nor pass any judgement. Free minutes are only given out from Me when you have a paid chat the regular rate of 10 mins or more.
High Ascended Messages, Intensive Quality, of the Highest Good. Only the power of God reveals all things including what people truly feel in their hearts and minds. And I can type quick too! I am naturally intense and My Fire is who I am, however, when I feel you, I either hurt with you or be happy with You. So with what I do and who I am, You find out why, when and what the heck is going on with a better NON-BIASED understanding. Both in the other realms, dreams, prophecies and anything else!
Approach to Topics
Well, basically, lay it out, I listen, or in this case read, as I only do chats and type pretty quick. I do My best NOT to waste time. Because God loves You, so do I. Im pretty straight up, I never assume and I keep things pretty positive and happy anyway. My gifts allow Me to commune with Spirit realms and dimensions of the Heavens and Earthly planes. As an prophetic oracle and Shamanic Medium thats what I do in addition to speaking Godly counsel and an understanding of WHY as well as everything else. Because of My gifts, I DO NOT channel the dead. Thats like bothering souls when theyre asleep. However, I do deliver messages relayed via Holy Spirit through a specific Angelic being in that realm. Also, I do NOT and cannot predict if Youre pregnant or not, nor legal or mental or health issues. Please see a professional about that. That is a Keen policy. Other than that, have at it!
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