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At a very young age, I realized I had the ability to sense the emotions and feelings of others. This is something that came very easily for me and by the time I was a teenager I was able to see (clairvoyant), and hear (clairaudient). I felt different than my other family members and I didn't know how to share what I was experiencing. I remember being able to determine if someone was sad, happy, or upset by a sense of what I was feeling. Out of fear I kept a lot of what I was feeling inside. Now, years later I am able to share my gifts here on Keen. I encourage, empower and motivate others to use their intuition. I truly enjoy helping others and seeing them raise their vibration.
Approach to Topics
I use my abilities to pick up on feelings and emotions (empath),clairvoyant, clairaudient , clairsentient of others. My psychic skills has allowed me to offer guidance in various areas, however, my specialty is self awareness, relationships, financial matters and career advice. I can only tell a customer what Spirit is telling me. I do not give fairy tale readings, as this will only confuse and hurt the customer. I use integrity and humor in my approach. My main focus is to assist others along their journey and to help make sense as to why things are a certain way in their lives. I can connect quickly when first names and specific questions are asked. NO guarantees on timing and numbers! Customers can change the timeframe thru thoughts, behavior, and words which can have significant impact on timing and outcomes. Chat readings are very different than voice to voice. Therefore, if you request a chat reading with me I will ask for first name as this helps me to connect with you. If the reading involves someone else I will need their information too.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 46
  • Helpful · 44
  • Accurate · 42
  • Kind · 40
  • Detailed · 37
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