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San Francisco Medium Virginia
San Francisco Medium Virginia
Virginia Is One Of The Top Readers On Keen.
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Virginia is One of the Most Trusted Advisor on Keen and has been for over 18 years. Always with Validation, names, dates, and, info only you would know. She delivers her info from Spirit with accuracy, kindness, and Love.
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Virginia is a Keen top exclusive advisor giving others worldwide access to the very answers they need through her connection to Spirit. You will not find her available to do readings except on Keen. You want to know if he/ she is the right one? You want to know if you will you get that job? The real estate deal --is that happening? Virginia will lead you to the right choice, the right partner, the lost items you misplaced. Virginia is a well-known bona fide Channeling-Clairvoyant Medium and a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She has successfully located missing persons, in one instance before midnight the same day. So what ever the question there is an answer. According to Ancestry Virginia is 100% Sicilian with ties to Vatican City. Her Gifts literally go back thousands of years.

As a natural Empath and Clairsentient her connection to what is known as 'the other side" gives you the same immediate access that people from all walks of life have experienced in connecting to those who have crossed over. Virginia frequently works with celebrities, doctors, medical profession, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, media personalities.
Out of Respect to Keen's Rules Virginia will not answer questions concerning health, legal, or lottery questions.

The only thing you'll ever regret is that you did not call her sooner. Do not wait another minute.

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Virginia gives truthful and accurate information and does not
sugar coat. Validations are what makes her readings real. Please do not negate the reading as our thoughts are powerful. Keep an open mind.

Approach to Topics
Virginia is a natural-born Channeling-Clairvoyant Medium . Her Validations are the key to what makes her readings transformative and meaningful to those who call on her for answers about their life's most sacred matters: Love, family, pets, missing children, family heirlooms, your deceased loved ones who are waiting to hear from you. Virginia meditates daily and practices the art of receiving " information" and passing it on with deepest humility. As a veteran Medium, her mastery of this lost art is one of Virginia's most esteemed abilities. During your call with Virginia, she humbly asks Spirit to transmit through her with accuracy only information that is most useful and healing to you. Please leave feedback following your first Reading with Virginia as it may be helpful to others. Thank you.
Virginia has been advising on Keen since 2003. Virginia's worldwide reach to thousands of people just like yourself has earned her a global reputation for her strong channeling abilities as a Medium. People say that they are amazed by her accuracy and kindness. Some may have found her to be a bit rough.

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  • Honest · 11
  • Accurate · 10
  • Detailed · 10
  • Helpful · 10
  • Kind · 10
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About San Francisco Medium Virginia & Life Questions Advisors
San Francisco Medium Virginia has been a user of Keen since 2003. Getting Life Questions advice from San Francisco Medium Virginia through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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