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Shaman Kira
Shaman Kira
Real Guidance by a Real Shaman
Born Clairvoyant Medium. No false hope. PLEASE at least allow 10 minutes for a FULL connection & profound reading. Highly Sensitive Oracle. Clear visions. Straightforward. Type Fast @120 WPM.
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Natural Born Psychic/Empath with Multi dimensional gifts. Established Spiritual Life Coach and Shamanic Healer. I guide you to the deepest truth where you will find yourself a foundation of healing and empowerment. As a Shaman with a background in both western and eastern medicine, I aspire to touch the spirit of those who need healing, guidance, and assistance on their journey. I work with a team of powerful spirit guides including Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.
Approach to Topics
**PLEASE BE ADVISED: I DO NOT CONNECT WELL WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE/HAVE BEEN ON A PSYCHIC BINGE in the same day. Please choose me with a clear intention of having an open session with me, after reading my profile.

*I am a Shaman (Feel free to research what this means) with a divine calling. I have a background in both eastern and western medicine. My gifts are multi-dimensional. I may use different aspect of my gifts depending on your question, your energy, your needs, and our connection. My gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, trance channeling, remote viewing skills etc.

*The more relaxed and open you are, the better the reading will flow. Please be respectful and expect the session to be a "conversation" and not a script.

*Please do not play mind games. If you try a reading with me to "test" me, the guides will know and they will not be willing to work with you. To get a clear reading, you need to be "OPEN." Please be SPECIFIC with what you are trying to ask. Please do not purposely hold back confirmation If I am trying to verify something. Please be mindful that there is another human on the other side of the screen and I connect much better when the client is open and interactive. My intention is to provide you with a reading that is most beneficial to you, and you are part of the equation. If you are purposely "closed off," I am sorry, then I cannot connect, because I do not "COLD READ."

*I do NOT give my opinions during readings. Sure, as we build our relationship, there may be things I may say as a way of showing compassion. Besides that, everything provided for you is information received using my PSYCHIC GIFTS. I do NOT "guess" and make up what I cannot confirm via psychic senses, no matter how minor the information might be. I do not endorse giving false hope for a mere temporary satisfaction- that's unethical and unfair.

*If you have an attitude of negativity please do not contact me. I am a HIGHLY SENSITIVE EMPATH and the guides I work with do not respond well to hostility, desperation, and negative emotions. Unless you are my long term client and I have familiarity with your energy, your negative energy will affect the clarity in the reading.

*I do not claim to be 100%. Often times there are things that even psychics cannot see, as we are not meant to see all the bits and pieces, for that is a lesson that you must learn by making your own decisions and learn from the consequences -whether good or bad. I do not claim to connect with everyone the same way, either. However, I promise to always work with integrity and honesty. Again, I do NOT make up something I cannot psychically verify.


*You can NOT get an in-depth reading in 3-4 minutes. If you are ONLY looking for timeframe driven predictions -- for example, just to ask "when will X contact me" i can guarantee you the session will not be worth it for either of us so please contact other advisors. Besides the "WHEN," there's so much more to the root of your questions and concerns. I find deeper purpose in providing you with insight and guidance that is practical and insightful.

*I DO PROVIDE TIMING, BUT ~ TIME is fluid and there are so many variables that can affect the future. And I will share if it comes to me naturally, so please do not push me to get this information. I put great emphasis on being open minded and to be positive & patient.

*I recommend at least 10 minutes of a chat.
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