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Sophia Rose Light
The Eclipse Portal, Mars Retrograde & Your Life
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Seeing your Soul's destiny, I guide you on a journey to harmony and bliss. Having assisted countless people over the last 18 years in numerous topics, I will help you overcome any challenge or obstacle present on your path.
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Destiny/Life Path
General Readings
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Spirit Guides
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As a Shamanic Healer, natural born Oracle and Tantric Yogini, I am here to shed light and guide you to inner peace. It is my passion to help all beings find their liberation and happiness. I firmly believe we are all in this together and not one soul can ascend with out all souls ascending. We rise by lifting others and I take pride in teaching my fellow human beings how to fly to new heights of joy and bliss.

Utilizing my gifts in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and trusting in my empathic abilities, I am able to give you a very clear psychic reading of your path ahead of you. While channeling Angel messages, and using Tarot and current astrological events as tools in reading you and those in your environment around you, I am able to give you accurate time line of what is to come. I have the ability to read the Akashic Record, this is a blue print of your Soul's life path. With this I am able to provide you an understanding of your soul's Karma and Samskara and give you insight of what's to come on your journey. I see into the Past, the present and the future and I have the ability to read your Kundalini energy and see any past life that is currently applicible to the present life situation. This allows me to offer tools in healing all areas of your life, specifically, in sex, love, money and spirituality.

With my guidance you can and will find your happiness.
Approach to Topics
As an Oracle, I am direct, compassionate and do not sugar coat any of the messages I receive from the Divine. I am non-judgmental and I am here to help anyone who needs the guidance I offer. I may be blunt for those who are not used to such truthful and clear messages. However, I find this saves you and me time. By being crystal clear in channeling, it holds space for sacredness, it allows for us to really get into the healing aspects of what I bring to the table for you and your specific needs.

I offer almost all of my readings over the phone, my voice can be very healing to those who are in need of sound healing. I offer meditations and exercises based off what it is you're going through so you are left feeling empowered and ready to take on what ever it is that is challenging you.

I will always call in the angels for protection and this takes less than 30 seconds. I use the Tarot as a direct window into your Akashic Record. The Tarot was originally created for this specific purpose. Your Akashic record is a book of your soul's evolutionary cycle that is recorded by the Archangel Metatron. With this container I can shed light on your life path and what your connections are with others, yourself, and your mission. This is a check in on your soul work. Akashic Activations help you see where you are on your conscious evolutionary path as a soul. These readings can also help you see more clearly into your chakra and meridian system. These deep Tarot sessions also tend to be initiatory in activating your Kundalini energy and can help facilitate wonderful manifestations on your Spiritual Journey. I can see a timeline of events if need be to help you move more into your happiness with grace and joy in your heart. I will channel everything I see right away, after that, I leave you time to ask any question that may arise during the reading.

You can get the most out of this session by deep breathing, focusing on who and what you need more clarity on, maybe even think of the questions you have and meditate on what it is you truly desire and need during the time I am calling on the Angels for protection. I call in protection with the angels so that I receive very clear answers from the divine with out interference with any low level vibrations and frequencies. I will not offer any reading with out calling in the Angels because I am an Angelic Oracle. I do not use Angel cards. I use a double sided tarot deck, one side is color and the other side is black and white. This also helps me see what is going on psychologically with you, making it graceful for me to provide the right therapeutic energy to your specific needs. By offering my work through this vehicle, it ensures I am able to tap into you over the phone long distance quickly and clearly.

I please ask you do not call while driving, as one, it is not safe, and two, I am reading the Akashic record, this is a stamp of your soul in time and space, so there will be more clarity if you are sitting still in one place instead of moving 20 miles to 65 miles an hour.

Along with the Tarot, I also offer crystal healing and I pick the crystals out before you even call. After the reading, I will provide any tools, meditations, exercises, the cards we pulled together and crystals utilized for your record via chat. This also allows me to see any patterns if needed for any follow up call you have with me.

If you want to schedule a specific time to work with me, please feel free to arrange a call if I am not available. This allows me to be thoroughly prepared to facilitate a sacred Angel channeling for you.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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