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Sweethearts Tarot
I use the tarot to ZOOM in and answer your questions in a timely manner.When you are open during a reading you get more. Tarot is NOT for timing. Tarot is good for expectant behaviors and seeing others interest!
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Deceased Loved Ones
Skills & Methods
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I have read professionally for over 23 years and 16 years on Keen. I have a graduate degree, have ethical standards, treat each client with respect as well as being congruent in our interactions. I believe in Karma as you should. I am professional and am psychic receiving visions as they flow and will share with you what I see. I need your first name and the name(s) of the person you are asking about. I do not need birthdays or additional background information. I believe my passion and my love for helping others combined with my willingness to learn new techniques to get your answers is what makes my readings productive and helpful.

Approach to Topics
The Tarot allows me to zoom in on your immediate concerns. I like to problem solve and not wait for life to do it for me, it is the best approach. I ALWAYS SHARE WHAT I SEE IN THE CARDS AND SEND HEALING ENERGY TO THOSE SUFFERING. Life can be a bowl of lemons its how we respond to it, I have overcome many challenges in life and believe you can as well!
If you like to call and use me as a punching bag, I wont waste my gift. I can also feel when I am being tested and wont waste my gift.
The golden rule always applies.

The Tarot can help you see a person's intentions and actions towards you. The tarot can answer yes or no questions. I do not provide fairy tales. Direct Questions get direct answers, I am honest with you .
Honesty is important to me, you are paying for me to tell you what I get and that is what you will get with me.
Timing is not my specialty please explore others here on Keen that excel at that if you want to know WHEN Answers you receive from me are NOT considered to be Medical Advice, Financial Advice, or Legal Advice.
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Sweethearts Tarot has been a user of Keen since 2001. Getting Life Questions advice from Sweethearts Tarot through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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