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Tarot Master Georgina
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Tarot Card Reader & Psychic, Been with Keen since 2002. Very detailed information, in the areas of Love,Joy, Health & Business. Stop thinking negative and discover how to enjoy life.
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I was born into a family with intuition and spirituality, 5 generations 200 yrs of God given insight into the unknown. with this insight and Spiritual upbringing I am able to see into situations that can be changed, Tarot Cards do work, I believe there is a higher wisdom or universal truth that we can all tap into that energy. my opinion comes from the understanding that everything in the universe (you, me and the things we touch or see) is composed of pure energy. I have been doing Tarot Card readings for over 52 yrs. Mastered the Tarot. I was featured on TV show Explore your World had a write up in the New York Times, for a while was the On board Astrologer for Carnival Cruise Line. have experience in Astrology, Karma Readings
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A good Tarot Reading ,will show you where you are at this point in your life. and answer some of your specific questions. A good tarot reading will conclude with visualization which will guide, encourage inspire or soothe you as you need to create the tomorrow you envision for yourself. No one lives a pain-free totally happy life, The more we understand how and why things happen the more control we have of lessening the pain and increasing our happiness, I Focus: on the events or conditions coming into your future, revealing specific areas of interest under the focus influence. such as Desire:Romance: The Unexpected: Others: The Home: Travel: Papers; Work/Career: Unions: Emotional State: Pleasure: family: Finances: Friends: Endings. I will tell you what i see and not waste your time or energy, no sugar coating,
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