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Tia Marie
Tia Marie
Psychic Intuitive! Accessing the Divine for you!
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My philosophy is grounded in the theory that all is created by a loving and merciful God.We are never alone on our life's journey.Allow me to graciously assist you in accessing the divine knowledge you seek for a happier life
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Peace, love and joy to you! Welcome to my page, Dear Heart!
I have been an Empath my entire life. For as long as I can remember I was acutely aware of the emotions, hopes & dreams of those sharing space around me.
I quickly learned, as a young girl, how to place meaning to these energies I was consistently receiving from the world around me.
Ever since my youth, I have taken immense joy in helping to heal the wounded hearts of my fellow man.
The ancient wisdom of the Tarot enabled me even moreso to paint a clearer picture of what my clients were experiencing along with their most probable outcomes for their life’s trajectory.
It is my honor to take a look at your beautiful energy through the divine lense of the ancient Tarot and assist you in making the best choices possible for your happy and peaceful future life!
You are divinely blessed and loved by your Creator, God and deserve a life of peace and grace!
Allow me to shed some much needed LIGHT onto your current life circumstances and assist in regaining your divine power!
It’s time to create your best life yet!
God bless you, Precious Soul!
Approach to Topics
I am excited and blessed to be a companion on your life’s journey!
Let’s delve into the hard questions together and find you peace of mind and heart as you move forward in love and grace!
For the most accurate reading please provide me with your first name and month/day of birth.
I will access your specific energy based upon this information and create your life’s story as I see it unfolding over the next 1-2 years.
Even if things feel hopeless these days, remember you are LOVE and LOVE begets MIRACLES!
Together we shall explore which forks in the road you might take in order to create your most blessedly abundant future life! Blessed Be to God and Blessed Be to You, Dear One!
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