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Viento de Octubre
Viento de Octubre
Spiritual Advisor and Breakthrough Shaman
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Every moment of experience holds the key to your excellence. Bring the light of your own sacred nature into the reality you are experiencing, and allow your presence to guide manifest the life you wish to live.
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What are you trying to accomplish or overcome? As a breakthrough shaman, my specialty is in helping others achieve and overcome any stuck state by reestablishing a connection with the divine nature within. Once you are able to allow your true presence, the light of your own divine nature shines on the reality you are willing to manifest, to live and experience.

I am a practicing, full time Breakthrough Shaman, a Life Path Coach, an Executive Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, a Hypnotist, a Tarot Yogi, and an Aka Dua Adept teacher and trainer.

My approach includes shamanic voyaging, energetic and spiritual Toltec healing techniques, Neurolinguistic Programing methods and tools, Hypnosis, psychic gifts of vision and rapport, and otherworldly connections to sacred resonance. I bring over two decades of experience in guiding others through trying and difficult experiences by connecting them back to their divine nature. My ongoing clients experience a necessary step towards the evolution and betterment of their lives by addressing their real internal issues with truth, honesty, inner strength, guidance, and support.

I am a life coach and guide, and I see people dealing with childhood trauma, PTSD, victims of violence and abuse, addiction, phobias, depression and darkness, relationships, personal and spiritual development, and those in need of guidance with their path. My clientele includes beings on a spiritual path, one of growth and attainment, professionals, workers, artists, addicts, those in fear, mothers, husbands, men, women, heroes who are done with the suffering and beings attempting to overcome or achieve something positive, empowering, and joyful. My clients are now healing; they are learning how to take control of their lives and elevate their experience in accordance to their own unique and sacred nature.
Approach to Topics
My path and life work lay in awakening and transforming myself into a vehicle for the sacred presence within. My shamanic training began as a child, when I was three years old. I was introduced to the sacred art of tarot when I was eleven years old. I train in Toltec shamanism, the Fourth Way, Ashtanga Yoga, and Magick. I am a Master NLP Practitioner, a hypnotist, a magician, and a breakthrough shaman. I am a life coach and guide, and I see people dealing with childhood trauma, PTSD, phobias, addiction, relationships, personal and spiritual development, and those in need of guidance with their path. I have become a Labyrinth Reader to aid those who have passed through the passage between death and rebirth. I am a Fire Keeper of the Nine Fires, where I practice the art of communing with the Ancestors, the Star Nation, and All Our Relations by hosting sweat lodges and vision quests for the community under the direction of Toltec Man of Knowledge, Koyote the Blind.

Only serious voyagers should seek my readings. I do not perform or contemplate rushed, drive-by style readings. I am fast, efficient, and to the point. I do not feel, get, or act rushed or as if I am in a hurry when I am making contact with the guides. I trust the reading, experience it and enjoy it. The connection is sacred, and I only perform readings where the connection is present. My clients have all learned to appreciate my engaging style of reading. Prepare to be connected to a legitimate source of guidance, and call.
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