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Vivian Baldwin
As a No Tools Clairvoyant with the additional gift of Remote Viewing, Vivian uses both exceptional gifts together that will blow you away with Fast Detailed Accuracy! Names, Dates, Descriptions... Dead On!
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Skills & Methods
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Remote Viewing
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I have been Remote Viewing with Psychic Abilities all of my life, I just did not know everyone could not do this until my late teens when I began to talk about it. I am a Psychic Medium as well as a Remote Viewer in which I can truly see your Past, Present and Future. I have been honored to work with law enforcement on Missing Persons Cases and Remote Viewing Cases from the Prestigious Monroe Institute recognized world wide for it's RV applications. I am Clairvoyant, as well as a Psychic Medium and Empath. I look forward to giving you answers to your complex situations and questions.
Approach to Topics
Vivian gives Names, Dates, Descriptions & Time Frames with Accuracy that will leave you speechless. As a No Tools Clairvoyant with the additional gift of Remote Viewing, she uses both tools together that will blow you away with Accuracy, Compassion and Truth! Be Wow'd!
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