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My name is Kristen and thank you for connecting with me today.

When I was younger, before I knew anything about spirituality, I found my dreams would manifest in the real world. I also found my friends would come to me to discuss their love situations I just knew things without explanation. I would smell specific scents of those who have passed away, near me.
Once I was became a mother I found I could sometimes hear the other side as a "whisper". Unfortunately this tends to come in spurts so I do not offer mediumship at this time. When I see and feel energy it comes to me like I am personally experiencing these things. I occasionally get images in my head like you see on a TV screen. Typically this appears as a future setting. I take joy in helping others and try to deliver negative news with grace.

I've had paranormal experiences on Ghost walks in Salem, at the Whaley House (an interest spirit actually followed me home) and even experiences in my own house and on my night runs (my form of meditation).

In 2021 I found out I am of Iroquois heritage (I am adopted). Mohawk Wolf Clan and I do fully believe my gifts stim from my bloodline.
Approach to Topics
I will need your name in order to begin. Please come prepared with in-depth questions, this typically helps us get right down to business. I must warn you I move rather quickly as thoughts and feelings come to me sometimes even out order. So I try my best to get everything down as I receive information. If I don’t know something I will be upfront and let you know. I don’t know every detail of a situation unfortunately (no one does). But I will provide all the information I do know.

TIMELINES: now for some reason I typically see numbers that equals *time*. I found it’s either days/weeks/months. I sometimes have a feeling about which it will be but time is irrelevant on the other side so it becomes hard to decipher. A lot of readers talk about *free will* yes it is a thing but typically if something is going to happen ITS GOING TO HAPPEN.

It is my life's purpose to help others find balance.

Please Note: During our first reading I do try to give you the whole energy story of your connection, not just what happens over the next couple weeks or months.

Some people like having daily or weekly check ins which is fine but I do suggest making sure past predictions come to reality first.

If you have a problem or issue please reach out to me so we can figure out what is going on, especially if a message feels unclear. I prefer ping messages because I am alerted when they arrive.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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