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Adeena Love Psychic
Adeena Love Psychic
Struggling In Love And Relationship I CAN HELP!
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•Partners Feeling Revealed• •Your Connection Unlocked• •True Intentions Revealed• •Do you need to understand what is your partner/person of interests feelings are towards you or why are they avoiding you? CALL NOW!
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💖Partners Feeling Revealed💖
💞 Your Connection Unlocked💞
💥There True Intentions Revealed💥

Do you need to understand what is your partner/person of interests feelings are towards you or why are they avoiding you?

Do you feel your partner is not giving enough in this relationship not initiating contact, not returning your calls text messages or avoiding spending time together?

Do you feel your partner doesn’t comfort, support, show care or affection towards you?

Are you in a committed relationship but feel that your partner is not there for you
Do you feel that everything else takes priority over you and the relationship?

Do you need to have a conversation with your partner but feel that once the conversation happens it will create distance and disagreements between the two of you?

Have you noticed your partner constantly angry, disagreements over silly things any excuse not to communicate for a few days?

Are you waiting for your partner to change, Initiate a mile stone or Open up emotionally but worry that they won’t?

Do you feel or have been told you’ve met your twin flame but struggle to understand what it truly means and how this will affect your relationship future?

are you questioning why you’re in the Experiencing everything you are in your current relationship why are you feel stuck struggling to repair the relationship feelings you should walk away but can’t?

Above are just some of the problems I help my clients understand and overcome.

my purpose is to help answer your questions that you’ve been struggling with and give you an understanding of why you’re experiencing these problems
But most importantly to overcome them

I will investigate into your life and communicate directly with your spirit guides defined out what’s really going on and give you the truth and honesty that you deserve.

contact me today to finally gets the The peace of mind and the answers to the questions that you’ve been searching for

I Also Offer:
Relationship repair, twin flame analysis, photo analysis, deep energy reading, candle rituals, guided meditation classes, affirmation teachings. Text message decoding, career readings, life path readings, life path correction and dream analysis

Thank you for reading my profile I look forward to hearing from you and many blessings🌺
Approach to Topics
I have over 27 years of experience In deep energy readings. this unique gift gives me the ability to tap directly into my client's energy and life path. I do not use Tarot cards, Crystal ball or any type of tools for my readings unless it's requested by the client. ~ I am an intuitive light worker this gift has been passed down to me through the family. I received this gift at a young age and I've been helping clients overcome their problems in love, marriage and relationship ever since. ~ There is no situation or problem insignificant or difficult that I cannot help you overcome. ~ My priority is to help guide and navigate you to the highest quality of life and relationship.
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