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AJ Lightz
AJ Lightz
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I am really versed in relationship questions and can answer you in a way you can understand
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I went through an accelerated spiritual awakening when my wife & I found out we are Twin Flames. Out of the blue, Archangel Michael revealed himself to us and explained why he came and things that we needed to do. This led to both of us going on a journey to remember our true selves, our life purpose and our natural gifts. It turns out, I am an "old soul" and have always been a healer through my incarnations. I taught alchemy in Khem (ancient, ancient-Egypt) and was around in the days of Atlantis.

During this process, we ended up meeting/talking to all of the Divine Archangels and most of the Ascended Masters. I now work very closely with Archangels Raphael, Michael & Metatron and Ascended Masters Jesus and St Germain as well as other members of my spiritual team.

I spent years practicing and honing my gifts with direct guidance of my team so that I can fulfill my life purpose which includes guiding and healing others.
Approach to Topics
I specialize in a variety of topics including twin flames/soul mates, love and relationships, life purpose, energy healing and past lives. I connect directly to the divine and present any information in a clear and easy to understand manner. I am not the type of person that tells people what they want to hear... I will be completely honest with you even if it is information you may not agree with as I am simply passing along this information from the Divine directly.

The first thing I like to do is verify the soul connection itself. I look to see exactly what type of soul connection there is and if there is any other types of connections as well for example, past life or karmic. I can look at the situation and see if your partners intent towards you or the relationship is good.

Being married to my gifted Twin Flame, I enjoy providing sincere insight into what takes places in chaser/runner scenarios and how to overcome any of these obstacles.

I typically do not do general readings so please have your questions ready for me to answer them before contacting me.

Please send me a quick message if I am not available and/or if you would like to schedule a session with me.

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