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Alexis Ray

13,237 readings since 2014
5 minutes for $1
Former radio psychic aiding you in all your needs!
Are you wondering how he feels? When he will finally contact you? When will you find true love? What does the future hold? I have all the answers you need! Quick, concise and accurate! You'll see...
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About Me
About Me
I became psychic at an early age. Started "seeing" things as early as 4 years old. Started Picking up on peoples energy and "helping" friends and family in my teen years and progressed from there...I can tell when he is cheating, or when she isn't
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I am very direct and precise. I don't try to sugar coat anything, but I do have empathy when you feel pain and heartache. You can ask me anything. No topic is off limits. I will treat you with respect and kindness and expect the same.