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I have been providing spiritual angelic readings professionally for over two decades.
Allow me to facilitate in helping you let go of what you don't want & continue to create what you truly desire.
Having inherited my gifts as a young child I have been a psychic visionary all my life, naturally.
In my early 20s I began the world of professional spiritual readings and sessions. I read on beaches, cafes, at markets, in homes wherever my intuition takes me.
I have been a healer for 30 years as a professional in the healing arts of massage. When I work on clients I can see what's going on and how I can help them unlock emotions and restore themselves with or without speaking out loud to them. My hands can read them. I see when I touch them.

As I astral project in session with you and we sit with the angels in translation of what they want you to know and to reaffirm what you already sense. I offer my readings online and over the phone, as well. Chat with me for initiating extra sparkling angelic juice to your day.
Book a call with me to saturate yourself in a positive new experience to elevate you every time.
Approach to Topics
The Lover's Guide with Mermaids Unicorns Angels & Fairies oh my!
My idea for you.. is Love 💝
Let's apply it's soothing reassurance to you & your life.
Get your vibration where it needs to be for attract satisfying fulfillment and effortlessly repel ill wishes.
Your Angel Oracle is here broadcasting 100%Divine love.
Venus has counselled thousands of people over the 25+ years she's been serving readings. I enjoy tuning in listening for what celestial messages, solutions and gifts Sacred Spirits have for my clients.Through your inquiry today I can help you see & experience spiritual tools and techniques that are available to you." My love readings dissolve hate & fear you might've been holding onto. Activate the art of bringing full, deep, honest true love infusing into your life.
There are specific steps we can take to do so.
Get reacquainted with your unique DNA's art of love.
In my sessions the celestial beings help you relax so that you can embody your own true self more comfortably.
Focus & choose the juiciest question on your heart today.
Begin by Asking me a 'Yes or No' question. We shall take it from there.
Focus on being open to what is revealed to you to what you
may know about yourself. Listen to the words and ponder on them like sucking on a stone of insight.
We are always evolving I am merely strengthening your own grasp on your current situation and your desirable move forward.
You are becoming more & more clear in expressing yourself.
Think of me as a midwife to your own true answers.
Unicorns, fairies and more oh my! accompany my readings
as well as animal totems and of course heavenly archangel guides.
Using my unique intuitive gifts of True love tarot with Golden Dragon Reiki,
I am able to recognize & administer healing rays of light to melt barricades & rejuvenate your heart.

Come to me to activate an experience in the fullness of your most desirable love life.
Find your most honest expression of love.
I highlight and facilitate dissolving of any barricading blocks to your true love self, by your trust in the angels to serve you. Your willingness to receive angelic celestial help without a doubt awakens.
My guidance is deeply soothing and thoughtful yet I will not shy away from the answers given to share with you.
As an Angel Oracle, my voice takes you on peaceful meditative journeys to lift and inspire you to live the most positive behaviour for your loving relationships. Filling you full with authentic joyful happiness, bliss and inner peace including, and most potently, the relationship you have with yourself.
Just by giving a call you ignite your quantum breakthrough leaving the worst behind. I guide you in how to disrupt the sticky emotionally addictive patterns that are driving your ship right into what you don't want. Enter your idyllic existence and expression in your love life scenarios. The Reiki Golden Dragon Empress gemstone rays that I send your way wash you in depth for the purpose of you feeling your clarity restored. The angels have blessings for you.
The energy used in this quantum breakthrough process focuses your intention, conducts your mental current and accelerates transformation. When you decide to sit in a quiet place like this, with my support, you clear the muck that's keeping you stuck, you open blocked energy centers within and ignite powerful breakthrough forces that activate major positive shifts. Affirmations and cognitive understanding are great tools but this added factor of unlocking energy that has been bound makes a magnificent difference for results you will witness.
The primary focus is to bring you into your into your center where you feel incredible peace of mind and strength. Relaxation is key to you being yourself and therefore able to enjoy your love life as you ought to. As your Guide to Relaxation, I bring immense satisfactory messages from the angelic healing forces through my voice in time spent one on one with you in these illuminating sessions.
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