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Angelique Magdalena
Angelique Magdalena
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Sicilian/Hungarian/Persian Ancestral Seeress~ALL Concerns; Romance a Specialty~Awesomely Experienced! Clair-EVERYTHING! I KNOW what your Beloved Feels AND Intends~I've Reunited Countless Lovers. 10 mins~min.~to TRULY Tune in.
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Call ME! I will manifest and change your life. I Don't believe in charging high prices extorting my fellow Americans, or anyone else. God bless them. So though it 's hard, I keep my rates low.

See My Long Experience and 99% awesome Feedback.
Despite the not-so-great rating (used to be routinely, at 5.0 with the previous Keen regime:(....I ask that you don't pass up a great, experienced Romance and Clair-EVERYTHING Psychic just because of the current Keen's rather HARSH, and I feel, unfair, rating system;

Many a great psychic on Keen, is overlooked because of this. I am here for you with all my extensive experience and expertise.

Please See the length and quality of my GOOD feedback, and length of time on Keen I helped BUILD Keen! please; judge me by that.
THAT, is the Truth of my Experience, Caring, AND expertise.

I am a Heart Reader; I read your soulmate's Deep and Intentional Feelings for you; I Specialize in channeling these...if you choose direct channeling, it does take me a few mins to warm up, but you can speak to your Loved one directly; through me, as the Channel.

In spite of vast Experience, My Rate is excellent and I am Worth it. My usual rate is $7.77~mystical numbers. Temporary discount next few days. Regulars do get a discount, btw:)

See my Long Experience~many years on Keen, 99% Stellar Reviews, and general Excellence of Feedback; all to help You. God's Gift to You; to Me. I am that rare Gift, a REAL psychic.

Have been on Keen for 22 yrs, and a professional Clairvoyant for 40+ years. What a deal, at this price.

I have lived and worked in foreign countries, including Europe, Mexico and South America; also in the Far East.Yo Hablo Espanol, fluently. I have been very psychic from an early age~many female ancestors were famously Clairvoyant, and I inherited this Blessed Gift.

Clients over Many Years I've been reading for on Keen, say~ "One in a Million"; Long -term Clients say; "Simply the best!"

If you're 1 of my long-term clients, I will give you a special
low rate; my usual hrs are 5-ish-to 9, Pacific US Time, sometimes til 10.
An appt. request w/ several hrs notice, guarantees a lower rate:) when I'm at 7.77~~and gives me time to be aware of your Request, and change my rate accordingly.

I truly am a Genuine, Loving Clairvoyant and LOVE to help people, in all areas of Life, ALL Concerns, especially in Romance.

I have many personal clients, on Keen & privately, have worked in lounges, on social media, television, in person and in many a venue in the US and overseas; I am worth much more than $7.77 ! Read with me and see! I have been paid $100 per hr for my DEEP and valuable insights. The number "7" is important to me as it has the best Auguries. Those of you who are educated, will know this and value it.

And, I give Free Minutes generously, to those who are REGULARS, who read 15+ mins, minimum, and who are kind & evolved enough to leave a few appreciative words of Feedback.

I Read into Romance, my Specialty~also, Real Estate questions, (in which, interestingly, I have a Special Gift) Work Issues, Loved ones who've passed on~Clair-Everything! I am Clair-Visual, ClairAudient, Telepathic, an Experienced Channeler. My Spirit Guides are also available, excellent in a different but no less kind and accurate way. They are Amazing, actually.

I KNOW, and Channel your Beloved's Thoughts, Feelings and Intentions towards you. (This does take more than 3 minutes!:) The more I Read, the more I See!~this benefits YOU.

I care deeply about my clients, and LOVE to help you. Be gentle with your Psychic, and give us time to connect with you as human beings and souls;
we work very hard to See the Truth for you. Angelique Magdalena <3

Again, my hrs are usually 6-ish to 9-ish, Pacific Time, though if you do an appt request can do a bit earlier, or later. Let me reveal your loved one's true feelings; I am primarily a Heart Reader. Rare and blessed. <3 Love, Angel

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  • Honest · 98
  • Detailed · 97
  • Helpful · 93
  • Accurate · 91
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