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Angelique Seeress
Angelique Seeress
Divinely-Gifted, Powerful, Romance Psychic
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Persian/Sicilian/Hungarian Ancestral LOVE Psychic~Expert in ALL Realms. Please Read My Profile Before Reading! I KNOW the Feelings in Your Beloved's Heart~Extremely Experienced! I've Reunited Countless Lovers.
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Please Read my Profile before reading with me. Thank you.

Bulletin: Re a very recent "heavy-hearted" negative pseudo-feedback (hard to be "heavy-hearted" after an 8 min reading )...HARD-hearted maybe lol(amidst an ocean of Stellar feedbacks:) from a very immature "person" who thinks psychics are God Almighty in All His Glory (bizarre viewpoint; we are Guides; NOT God), please don't let that stop you from getting a REAL reading, from an experienced, kind, genuine psychic with over 40 years of experience; since my teens, in fact! Go for it; I bring Lovers together again! Be Smart. Read with the REAL Ones.

Super Rate for Vast, Long, MULTI-Faceted Experience, Many Specialties, and High Rating~and for Experience reading in MANY Venues.

Let me SEE, Hear, Convey to You, what your Lover is Feeling, Thinking, Planning. I can CHANNEL this, verbatim. Clients are amazed.

99.9% Rave Reviews!

For Those who KNOW how REAL psychics work. YOU will understand how REAL, Elite Clairvoyants operate: and get the Benefit of my experience and Magic. I DO NOT do "Quickies" (under 10-15 minutes~as I am REAL, with over 40 years of experience, and ONLY read deeply. The more that we interact~the More I SEE. Makes sense, no? If you TRULY Love your Beloved, or if the concern about which you are calling, is deeply important to you, the more this applies.

With the Help of the Divine, I not only SEE what You need to Know, I Transform your Love Destiny for the better~Dramatically! I've lost count of the Twin Flames and Soulmates (and I can explain the difference between them to you if you like) whom I have brought together for Life. God-Gifted Seeress, here to Help YOU. Ultra- Experienced, Elite Psychic.

I was a Psychic from a very young age, when I actually predicted what is happening NOW in the world. That is why I did not choose to have children. I didn't understand it at the time, being so young; but I definitely saw it All. And more...all of what we struggle with now. But where there is Love, there is Hope.

Please let me tune in properly for you, my cherished clients~i.e., no "Quickies"~you'll be greatly Helped, Comforted~and Amazed. I WILL bring your Soulmate back to you, and Reveal all his/her true Heart-level Feelings. Knowledge is Power! My intelligent and discerning clients will understand this.

Love is my Specialty, but I also expert in Financial, Real Estate, Work Concerns, Hauntings, Mediumship (loved ones who've passed on) and in infinitely more Psychic fields of Expertise.

21 Years on Keen, Consistent 5 *Star Clairvoyant. Warm, and Very Kind and Compassionate.

My 3 Spirit Guides are also on hand to See your situation from a different perspective~we equal 4 Psychics in one, really. (They are optional according to your wishes, of course.)

I am a REAL Intuitive~if you rush me I will not be able to pick up the subtle, deep, important energies, that you need to know, for me to truly help you! My goal and raison d'etre are to HELP you. Give me, please, a fighting chance. You'll be SO glad you did~pls see the 99.9% of my REAL Feedback from genuine, intelligent, long-term, cherished clients..:)

Clients say: "Simply the Best!

Internationally Acclaimed Sicilian/Persian/Hungarian/Greek, Hereditary Psychic, going back many Generations. Multi-Cultural, Very Educated, Knowledge of many Cultures as well as Amazingly Intuitive and a Known Love Healer.

I have Positively Transformed Many Love and Life Situations Miraculously, Romantically, Mystically, PERMANENTLY.

I have Read for the Rich and Famous, (who are notoriously selective with whom they choose to read) and in every possible Venue: Television, Telephone, Radio, Privately, in Elite settings, (Lounges, Private clubs Etc.,) and Internationally.

Whatever Your Concern May be, I WILL Help You. That's a Promise! I am a Genuine Psychic and Mystic~we are Rare. Love and Peace be with you~ Sweet~and Powerful! Angelique Seeress <3

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  • Detailed · 38
  • Accurate · 37
  • Honest · 37
  • Helpful · 35
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