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I offer you the biggest adventure of Ancient Wisdom, that you can have. With the gift of clairvoyance, tarot, numerology, astrology and qabbalah.The life you were born to live.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Astrology - Western
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Approach to Topics
Introducing my approach to Hellenistic traditional Astrology Readings

Hellenistic tradition are the mathematical points sometimes used in chart interpretations known as Lots.
The lots are mathematically derived from the positions of other placements, and their purpose is to mark the signs of the zodiac with additional topics of significations in a way that is analogous to the 12 places. The lots appear
to date backto the earliest strata of the Hellenistic tradition, and they act as one of the major cornerstones of chart delineation and prediction.
The lots are the Hellenistic equivalent of what are known in modern astrology as the so-called "Arabic parts", with the most famous one being the Part of Fortune.
The Medieval Arabic tradition of astrology only began around 775 CE, while this technique had already been in use in the Graco Roman astrological tradition since at least the first century BCE.
In the Hellenistic tradition this mathematical points were originally referred to as lots from the Greek word klēros. this was connected to the ancient practice of casting or drawings lots, which is somewhat similar to the modern practice of entering into a " lottery". the casting of lots was done in order to decide matters by leaving the outcome up to chance or Fortune.
Lot-divination was used as a method of ascertaining the will of the divine through the casting of lots. Part of the rationale for this type of divination was the notion that there is some sort of divine agency at work if the seemingly random acts off chance or Fortune.

The Seven Hermetic Lots
Paulus presents a set of Seven lots that are each associated with one of the seven planets, which he says derive from a work known as the Panaretus, which means something like "all- virtuous."
The calculations and descriptions of the Hermetic lots presented below follow Paulus:

I am introducing the first three which is Fortune Spirit and Eros

Lot of Fortune
Lot of Fortune and that the lot itself signifies the body, the things one does for one's livelihood (tas kata bion praxeis),possessions reputation, and privilege.

Lot of Spirit
Paulus says that the Lot of the Spirit is associated with the Sun, and that it signifies the soul, temper, intelligence (phronēsis), the exercise of every power (dunasteia) and it's sometimes relevant in terms all the determining what one does in their occupation (praxis).

Lot Of Eros
Lot of Eros it is associated with Venus, and it is said to signify appetites(orexis), desires(epithumia) that arise by choice, as well as friendship and favor (karitos). The word Eros means " love" or "desire" Eros was also the name of the Greek god of love, sexual desire, and the attraction, and it is otherwise known in modern times through his Roman counterpart Cupid

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