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It is just a cold hunk of metal that is hollow and empty. True love is the ring that sounds in our hearts like a never ending echo of union. The diamond is the light that shines in their eyes when they see you. 0 Car calls
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Women’s Issues
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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---When I read for you I am telling you what your ancestors are saying. That might be Christian it might be Muslim or Buddhist. What I relay are their words not mine. Your ancestors views are solely theirs. They are from another time and generation. If you are have trouble understanding their words, speak up.
---I have been a professional reader and mentor in magick since 1995 My strong background in not just magick arts but also psychology, health care (LPN x 3 states since 1991. NO reads on medical issues), history, science, theology and philosophy.
Pagan Elder trrained by Rune Gild and others
Full curriculum Vitae available upon request

------I am the only Keen Advisor to hold a certificate in Divination (doin readings) from Harvard University cert on file w/customer service

---When I read for you, it is like we are sitting at a table. Your ancestors are on my left side and you are on my right. I am in the middle passing what they say to you. It is NOT my opinion or views. It is 100% what they are saying for you. FYI: Lots of ppl's ancestors are encouraging CHURCH/Mosque/Temple/Synagogue/Ashram right now. That is normal when the world is in chaos. Everyone's ancestors are different but expect deep truth that can be harsh.
------The future is made of an infinite number of possible possibilities. It looks like a field of stars in space. When a reader is reading your future, they see the stars or possibilities that stand out the most to them. The more varied a readers life and education experiences are the more unique and accurate their view point is.

----IF you are making a negative life choice like staying with or choosing to be with an abuser, addicts, alcoholics, thugs, gangstas or any other type of criminal I am going to point out that you are causing your own pain with your choices. NO ONE can help you until you love you enough to straighten up n fly right.

----True psychic ability is a thing you are born with. It is 100% genetic and most definitely NOT a gift. It is not some goody prize you get for not being a jerk. EVERY HUMAN is empathic unless they are a psycho or socio path. EVERY human is somewhat intuitive. HUGE difference between that and genuine psychic ability

Due to the high levels of toxic energy in prisons and with those who are career felons, I do not read on or for inmates or those with strong criminal backgrounds incl but not limited to drugs, theft, fraud, murder, rape, arson, trafficking, etc. I reserve the right to end any call at any time for this

Advisor Statement
This service is for entertainment purposes only. By contracting for this entertainment service from me you release me, Arrianna from any and all legal liability. By purchasing this you the purchaser understand that all content is for entertainment purposes only and as purchaser you assumes all responsibility for what you do after purchasing this entertainment service. You also waive any and all legal right to litigation (lawsuit)against me for any reason. If you have legal or medical issues consult an attorney or medical doctor. None of the offered services are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition, financial problem or solve any legal issues. I reserve the right to end any call at any time for any reason

Approach to Topics
VIKING...ROMAN....both worlds were synonymous with strength, courage, valor (doin right because it is the right thing to do) and honesty. THAT is what I bring to my practice. I bridge the wisdom of the ancient world with the demands of the new world.

I am able to connect many clients with their ancestors* from the distant past. I have linked customers with their ancient ancestors across civilizations and time . I open the door to them discovering where they are really from and who their ancestors are. A discovery that many describe as the most deeply transformative event of their lives.

I am adept at this because I have done my own personal family tree back to King Nebuchadnezzar, before the pyramids were built. I am direct from the line of King Nebuchadnezzar, King David and Solomon, Ptolemy Pharaohs of Egypt incl Cleopatra (aunt),the Emperors of Rome, the Kings of England and Europe and MANY Vikings incl Ragnar Lothbrock, Sigurd and the Valkyrie Brunhild. Proof available upon request

*Your Ancestors communicate in a variety of ways it can be in images, feelings, spoken words or omens. How strongly they are able to communicate varies from family to family (family meaning your DNA grouping can be hundreds of years back or more).
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