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Clairvoyant, my mind downloads energies from the future. I offer clarity about love, career, family, soulmates and more, with honesty and love. Create the life you seek! I need 5 min for new client readings to connect.
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Skills & Methods
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Born on the rare karmic path of divine love, I've read professionally for over 16 years and appear on local radio shows as well.
My predictions come from my inborn unique ability to tune in to the natural universe and see and hear future spirit energy with accuracy.
Readings are offered with soul wisdom. This I gained from events in my life that exposed my soul. Sudden loss, and trauma brought a deeper awareness and empathy.
These life experiences enable me to answer your questions from a place of clarity, joy, and understanding, helping you anticipate change and create the life you seek.
Throughout my life I've seen visions, angels, people who have passed on and other spiritual entities. Reiki and astrology trained, I've studied with professional and published psychics, astrologers and healers to fine tune my skills and deepen my knowledge of all things metaphysical. I am an accomplished astrologer as well but only use it when a birth chart reading is requested.
Over 25,000 readings completed with AOL's Astronet, Keen and in person. Thousands of satisfied clients from all walks of life.

Approach to Topics
As a clairvoyant, I tune in to the natural energies that inform everything around us and see and hear answers to your questions about love, soulmates, finance, career, family and more. LGBTQ friendly! Excited to provide advice with awareness and sensitivity. Please note : I use a birthdate to connect to energy. No cards, no tools. I don't use astrology unless you request a specific astrology reading.
As we chat I see images and hear messages from Spirit. I may describe people and events about to enter your life or hear names of people of significance as given by Spirit.

Birthdates are my way of tuning in to the energy of those involved in your question. If Spirit offers timing in a reading, it is given as a general guide only. In the universe, time is fluid. Personal choices and growth affect timing of all things.

My goal is to help you create the life you seek by understanding the energies that you are currently creating...and the energies that are about to manifest in your life. Knowledge is power!

I am excited to use my training, natural gift and experience..including with astrology if you want a birth chart... to help you on your life path. I relay what I hear and see with love and honesty. I ask that you come into my space with an open mind and honest heart.

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