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Political & Celebrity Vedic Astrologer & Psychic Medium Extraordinaire. Avoid another sleepless night! A CALL/CHAT w/ASTRODEVI Gives YOU Answers, Insight, Remedies & Predictions U need for LOVE, SUCCESS, & PEACE OF MIND.
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Astrology – Vedic
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HI! Im AstroDevi✨Astro means “ light" or “stars" and Devi in Sanskrit means “Goddess” and in Indian means “truth.”

✨ Political & Celebrity Vedic Astrologer✨
🌟 Psychic Medium Extraordinaire 🌟
👉 Accurately Predicted the Pandemic, C-Vcxx, 2020 Elections Drama, 2020/2021 Riots/Protests, Political Events, Weather Disasters, Fall/Death of World Leaders, Elon Musk's Nueralink, J.Lo & Ben Affleck's Rekindled Romance, and so much more! ✨

🌟I bring you light, truth, insight, clarity and all the predictions you need to help you make the BEST decisions you ever need to make for yourself and/or your family.

🌟As a Natural born Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Empath, I know and understand what you are experiencing and how it's making you feel.

🌟As a Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist and Spiritual Healer, I have the knowledge, answers and solutions to your most pressing matters.

🌟I address all matters related to:
~Relationships (Personal, Friends, Family or Business)
~Communication with Loved Ones crossed over
~Unexplained Experiences
~Name Numerology
~Dream Interpretation

Approach to Topics
🌟Excellent listener.
🌟Honest and direct in the most loving way.
🌟Provides Answers, Solutions, Remedies and Predictions.

👉For a Vedic Astrology Reading Request be prepared with your birthdate, birth time and birth place of You and Person of Interest. Otherwise, this reading will be conducted with my Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant abilities and may include Tarot and/or Numerology.

💖What clients have to say....

🌟AstroDevi is my "GO TO" for everything spiritual. She is my psychic, astrologer, and dream interpreter. She is the 'Google Translate" for the language of dreams. Dreams are meant to help us understand where we are on our path; However, they are rarely straight forward and in another language. AstroDevi has demystified dreams with her spot on interpretations. She writes the interpretation as it applies to me, my life, and the circumstances that I am dealing with at the time. It never ceases to amaze me how enlightening her dream readings are. AstroDevi gets right to the meat and reveals through my dreams where I am physically and spiritually in my life so that I can determine what, if anything, needs to be done.
Patrice N. -Washington, D.C.

🌟My experience working with AstroDevi has been profound and extraordinary. I enjoy following her posts with current transits and predictions. I can honestly say a few of her astrological suggestions for dates and things to do brought some significant changes to me and the family. Like the one where we conceived a baby on a date which was published by AstroDevi as a special one for couples to connect. My favorite part about her predictions and insights is the interesting numerology that I haven't heard before, the approach is exception. Highly recommended!
Pavlo V. -New Lenox, IL.

🌟My reading with AstroDevi was truly amazing! She started off with going thru my astrology and explained what type of characteristics I have based on my birth details and she described me to a T! I felt like she knew me personally by how detailed and accurate her assessment was. She explained in detail where my conflict with my career and boss was coming from, how to overcome my situation and when the positive changes will take place. She also helped me understand why I’ve been so emotional lately, it has to do with a planetary alignment and made perfect sense when she explained it. I was also able to get relationship insight that was spot on and some advice as well as to when things should either improve or get challenging. I really enjoyed my reading with her as she is very friendly, explains herself thoroughly and is incredibly helpful and positive and supportive. A reading with her is always worth it! I’ll definitely be back for an update. Thank you again for your help!!!
Katie S. -Daytona Beach, FL

🌟AstroDevi gave me a wonderful and insightful reading! I know little to nothing about Vedic astrology and numerology but I loved her way of explaining it like a roadmap for my life. We discussed all of my most important relationships as well as my life path for the coming year. She is very patient with questions and enthusiastic about what she does. It was a fun and totally enlightening experience!
Stephanie N. -Scottsdale, AZ

🌟First off I’ve never given a good review to a psychic because I’ve never been able to find someone who provided me clarity I needed in life. Rather I found myself getting ripped off….Until NOW!! After the consultation, you literally gave me life! The way you read my chart, it was all accurate. I am so happy I had found you. I really appreciate you and the fantastic reading. If I can recommend anyone, it's definitely you. You are amazing! Thank you so much for everything!
Minela B. - Valley Stream , NY
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