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Charming Empress Tarot
Love is like a card trick...What’s in your hand?
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Love is the most often sought after topic! When I look at the cards, I see limitless potential! Let me help you harness the power to create your new path to find LOVE!
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Magic is an exercise. It is a living, breathing maze of energy that, with our say-so, can surround our every deed!
For the past three years I have been providing complementary readings on-line and in person at a local establishment and in home gatherings.
My mother introduced me to “magic” as a young girl, teaching me how to meditate and use visualizations too manifest. I began to dabble in “Tarot” at the age of seventeen giving college friends readings over thirty-five years ago. Around the same time I became infatuated with “Crystals” and using them to enhance personal energy. In the last twenty-five years I have successful practiced using crystals, runes, pendulums, Oracle cards, Tarot and Charm Casting. Twenty years ago I became Level II Reiki certified.For the last six years I have been honing my craft of intuitive Tarot and Oracle reading. Studying on-line as well as with in person groups.
At my more core I am a gifted Academic Instructor and Educational Advisor with over thirty years experience leading innovative instruction focused on meeting the needs of individuals. I am an engaging public speaker, skilled at explaining complex topics and guiding individuals in making choices and decisions.
Approach to Topics
Love is the most often sought after topic! Tarot responds best to open-ended questions. Let me be your guide to finding true love. Here are some of the spreads I can pull for you:
Which spread looks the most intriguing to you?
1.) “A Message from Your Future Lover”
2.) ”Relationship Crossroads”
3.)”Relationship Status”
4.) ”What Do You Want in Love?”
5.) “Breakup Spread”
6.) “Customized!"
As a Spiritualist, I have a gift for cultivating partnerships with all “seekers” of knowledge. Speaking with seekers to clarify and personalize the correct spread to most resonate with their energy. Providing details that explain the card’s position in a user friendly way giving the meaning as it applies to the personal situation and question. Customer’s reported that I gave them the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. Often I am able to add “advice/suggestions” on how to apply the energy revealed from the cards and or charms. Customers have reported loving my straightforward and easy to understand summarizations. The Tarot cards purpose is to provide guidance, and messages into different areas of your life and or potential moves or actions to take. Tarot is an active receptor of energy, it does not predict the future, because the future is “fluid”, we are Co-creators with the universe.
Tarot provides the outline to the story, ultimately the ending is in “your hands”! Your daily actions create your destiny, you chart your course.
Additionally, I “Cast Charms” as clarifiers. This allows a new twist to tap into your intuition and subconscious. I provide my interpretation, however sometimes a certain charm may resonate with you in a personal way, my advice is to go with your ‘gut’! An example, may be the (anchor) I may view it as representing security and strength, holding you in place.....however, I had a “seeker” whose brother was in the Navy! The cards suggested a trip, hence maybe a visit to or from the brother!
Tarot is often ‘vague’ in providing dates, however sometimes I can provide a ‘time frame’ utilizing astrological signs associated with particular cards, or seasons associated with elements of cards.
I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s get together and chart a “new course” for YOU!
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