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I Unveil "Their Hidden Truth" With Accurate Details that Support Authentic Clairvoyancey Optimum Success Plus Personal Strategies that Restore Relationship Stress to an Enlightened Calm Union Read My Reviews and BLOGS
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For it is When You Are In Love That You Are.. Your Very Strongest yet Most Vulnerable".. ... I'm a Relationship Reader.. Having Maintained a Successful Practice Since 1988 ...I Started My Carreer with the Televised Psychic Network Starring Dionne Warwick. ..Personal Business..Radio...I Inherited my Intuitive Trait from my Mother and tho I am greatful..I
never Perceived Clairvoyancy as Gifted or Blessed rather a Natural Sense like Breathing Hearing Seeing Smelling..I Feel We All Have it But Most Don't Trust their Intuition enough to Use this Sense.....My Strongest area of Expertise is "Relationships" Its what I Enjoy the Most ...Offering Successful Accurate Information that leads to Much Deserved Happiness and Calm to My Clients .....
If you are troubled..Worried About why are They Cooling Off Suddenly or Wondering Will They Return ? Is this Breakup Permanent or Temporary ?..Have they Moved On With Another ?...Who Truly Has Their Heart? ..Do They Still Love their Ex ? Are They Worth Waiting For ? Will They Be Faithful ? Do They Ever see Marriage With You ? Am I Wasting My Time?? I Address All Serious Concerns With Accurate Information Hidden Behind the Masks and a Strategy that Gives You Confident Power and Calm...If You are Enduring a Break Up I Wrote Many Blogs on This and other Relationship Topics.....Know You are Worthy of Happiness ,Calm , Peace of Mind , Serenity... You Can Tell Me Anything and I Promise Never to Judge. We are All Imperfectly Perfect Human Beings...
I Approach Each Reading With a Clean Slate..And Relay Your "Angels & Spiritual Guides Messages" . ....People have Readings Not to Follow the Same Course...But to Change it for the Better....I Pick up their Past & Present in the Reading to Understand Why they act as they do "Today" when you call me....And What Will Happen to Both of You in the Future ..I Extend Free Minutes to Those that Are Kind and Respectful..Most Days I sign on Varied Daytime Hours Eastern Time..when I Feel at My Peak Performance.. ...Feel Free to Email Me On Keen for Availability..Or Take a Seat in Que When You See Arrange...No Pings...In Deepest Gratitude.....Remember " Be Kind "...Its Great for Karma
Approach to Topics
My Approach is Very Down to Earth...Friendly and Calming ..You Will Feel as if You are With an All Knowing Friend Who Wants the Very Best for Your Life. .I Believe in Our Angels and Spiritual Guides Trusting Them to Bring Unique Accurate Information through Messages I Deliver to You..My Delivery is Calming and Candid....To Insure Success You Must be Respectful and Honest During Our Sessions as I Tune In Best For Kind Hearted Souls that Resonate Good Karma and Loving Intentions..(Disrespect Rushing & Yelling Blocks Energy ) I Understand this is an Expensive Service.. However No Rushing .. I see Images and Hear Messages in Fragments and Must Interpret Accurately Before Relaying & Advising You to the Best of My Ability...Its a Spiritual Process that must be Respected) ....Please Don't Play Test the Psychic or Purchase in One Two Minute Increments it Disrupts Meditation and We Both Want You to Have an Amazingly Accurate Reading !!
. My Intentions and Success Depend on Putting You On a More Positive Path and Feeling Confidently in Charge of Your Relationship....Please be Prepared to Hear Both the Good and the Bad ..Tho I Always Hope to Hear and Give Happy News ..Out of Respect to Your Welfare , Your Angels Messages ..and My Karma..I Must Be Honest With Bad News as Well...
... My Thousands of Positive 5 Star Feedback "Support My Credibility , Accuracy, Performance and Mutually Respected Friendships With My Clients"..I Thank the Angels and Keen for Blessing Me With Wonderful Client Friends ....Whichever Advisor you Choose "Be Kind" I Thank You for Reading my Ad...I sign on Varied Daytime Hours Eastern time when I Feel at My Peak Performance..You are Welcomed to Email Me on Keen for Availability...In Deepest Graditude for Your Kindness....Respectfully Channa
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