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David Champion
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Most people already know in their hearts what they want. I can look deeply into your relationships to help you understand the underlying issues. The clarity will enable you to navigate your life with knowledge and ease.
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Whether you have a specific question or just need a new perspective, David listens and uses his psychic gift to help you on your journey. His calling is to help guide others and give them the tools to recognize that they can help themselves.

David's first psychic experience came when he was nine years old and allowed to answer the family telephone. He didn't think anything of it when picking up the receiver and greeting a caller by name before they had a chance to say hello. Somehow he always knew who was on the line. His parents were freaked out, and young David was told in no uncertain terms to "knock it off." At the time, he didn't realize he'd done anything special, just thought it was funny, and wondered why the adults were making such a big deal of it. He stopped doing it, though, and might never have thought about it again, except the gift returned to him after he left home. Knowing nothing at the time about the subject of psychic receptivity, David had a number of increasingly strange experiences. By the time he was studying for his master's degree, the psychic lucidity had increased in both frequency and intensity.

David became a professional speaker, doing motivational and training seminars. It was during a seminar on stress management that the psychic sensitivity began to manifest through his work. When David responded to a question from an audience member, he found himself giving a very specific answer for that person's situation rather than speaking to the general topic. At that moment, David understood the good that he could do with his psychic abilities. This person didn't need vague instructions about how to deal with stress. That audience member needed direct guidance, someone to confirm that he was on the right path career wise and to help him reconsider his approach to his personal relationships.

And so began a new journey that has led him to a very different life than anything he'd imagined for himself. David devoted his energy to learning how to work with his psychic potential, seeking out others who could help him understand and direct his gift. He's been working as a professional psychic for twenty-seven years now. It should come as no surprise that his intuitive insights are delivered with the energy and humor of a motivational coach.
Approach to Topics
David Champion is open to all. He takes calls from all around the United States and, for that matter, around the world. His clients come from diverse backgrounds: all races, religions, ethnicities, genders, educational backgrounds, fields of work, and sexual orientations. He listens to all callers with an open mind and responds to each one based on their needs. (He also recommends that callers have paper and pencil handy to make notes.)

He makes no promises; instead he tells the truth in each situation. Please be prepared to possibly hear something you didn't expect or want to hear.

The profound call of the soul confuses people because it's just one more noise. David can help separate fact from fiction, helping clients see what it is they really want ... what resonates with them. David psychically delves into matters that lead to clarity ... finding what the person is good at and what it is that could best bring them success. Perhaps the first step will be learning what it is that they don't want to do. And knowing what they don't want certainly opens up understanding to make a better choice. Helping each person recognize their own beauty and power is what David strives to do.

A specialty of David's work as a psychic is dealing with personal relationships. All he needs to hear is the first name of the person he is being asked to focus on, as well as what the relationship is. He will immediately be shown whether there is respect or lack of respect, whether there is anger or depression, what the style of communication between the two is, what the person's attitudes towards the opposite sex are, whether the person has control issues, and whether the person is telling the truth. By the end of the reading he can say what will happen given various choices that may be made by the client and, hopefully, the client will have gained the clarity to know if he or she should stay with the person or end the relationship.

Not all relationships brought to David to look at, of course, are romantic ones. The same clarity being sought may be in parent-child relationships, other family relationships, employer-employee, neighbors, etc.

Before becoming a full-time psychic, David Champion was a motivational speaker and also did corporate training, making him exceptionally good at career coaching and assessing business enhancement.

David's ability to expose people to who they are energetically can help them realize what they really want to do. He has mentored many individuals who discover that their biggest fear is themselves. Inching them out of their comfort zone is how they can be supported and encouraged to reach their goals. What we want to do and what we want to achieve are threads that need to be woven together, and David assists you by taking the threads and looking at them psychically. Many clients have even switched careers or expressed the goal of doing something they hadn't even thought of until David talked with them.

David is particularly adept at knowing what a business may need to do to improve its success, and how to develop the culture of its workplace to make it a pleasant place for employees to do their best. Businesses are built on relationships and David can enhance that with one or more readings for a client. A psychic reading may look at individuals to determine who really understands an issue. For example, if a person is dealing with a board of directors, it is possible to "move around the boardroom" and describe each person, how they can be approached, and what their personal agenda is for each issue of concern.
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