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Hello, I'm Stacy, & I have the gift of seeing patterns & behaviors that most others miss when gauging situations. Don't call me if you can't handle painful truths.
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Please understand that sharp intuitiveness notwithstanding, this is not a psychic listing. I do not make predictions, or tell you your fortune or destiny. I give intuitive, empathic advice. I will have to ask you questions and hear your story to get an accurate feel for what you can expect from your situation.

Hello! My name is Stacy, and I'm the person in my circle everyone comes to when they're in a tough spot in love because I have the intuitive ability to see through all the smoke, mirrors, and games people play, and get right down to the heart of even the most tangled of love knots. I've had wide and varied love experiences, including PolyAmory, D/s relationships & dynamics, third-party situations, I've been cheated on, and I've been the other woman.

I have lectured at colleges on the subjects of human sexuality, BDSM, women's issues, and navigating relationships that have a lot of moving parts.

My listings are safe spaces without judgment. I know you are reaching out because you need clarity, to clear up the confusion that is clouding your head right now. There is likely a lot of pain or anger (perhaps both) where you are right now, and nothing would make me happier than to help you break free of those bonds that keep you from soaring to your highest vibrational level.
Approach to Topics
When you call me, you'll first notice my soothing voice and comforting energy. Bear in mind that I do need to discuss your situation with you to get a feel for everyones mindsets. Im excellent at reading between the lines but I need background info from the situation to form a proper take on things. We'll work at the pace you feel most confortable at, and together we will work on getting you to a happy place where you can grow and evolve. I promise to be 100% lovingly honest if you agree to do the same for me since I can't help you without the complete truth.
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