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FAMOUS On TV/Radio Love/Work/Money 30+ Yrs.
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Look no further. Ph.D. Psychic/Psychologist. Formerly syndicated on radio/TV. FAST/ACCURATE/HONEST COMPASSIONATE. Author of Beyond the Secret (on LOA) and 5 more books. Real help. Quality Readings.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Astrology - Western
NOT YOUR AVERAGE PSYCHIC. I go beyond most combining my 30 plus years of training as a psychic and a psychologist to give intuitive insights and real help so you have the love, happiness and success you seek. As an author of 5 books on love, success and the law of attraction (Beyond the Secret), I answer questions like:

How can I attract the right one?
Are this person and I meant to be?
Why is my partner doing what he/she is doing?
What will help my relationship improve?
How can I improve my life overall?
Will I get a new job?
What is going on with the job I have now?
Will I be promoted or should I look elsewhere?
How does my financial outlet look?
What is the best career path for me?
What is my soul purpose?
And more!

Also I REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU. That is why I go above and beyond with my clients giving them free minutes and often additional support in the way of meditations, prayers, and more to help them. My skills have also been tested in research programs to scientifically ascertain accuracy.
REGARDING TIMING. I offer it, but am honest with it, meaning if people are not in your life and are not focused on you right now, timing will be less focused.


I first started using my psychic gifts at age twelve. I see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), and feel things in my body (clairsentience) by tuning into you mind to mind and heart to heart to get the clearest insights. With decades of experience now, and because I am highly sensitive, I am VERY FAST in my readings. For these reasons and more, I have become one of Keen's Top Advisers.


My understanding of astrology is very extensive making me extremely fast in reading a chart as I have practiced astrology for so long. I use astrological insights to help you understand your life purpose, reveal compatibility with others, and also with insights into your future.


I am highly trained in understanding human relationships and spiritual growth and phenomena. I have numerous degrees including: Master's degrees in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling; Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology; Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. I also have a Ph.DE in Esoteric Philosophy (the deeper teachings under-lying the world's faith traditions) and completed except for my dissertation a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. Because of my background I was also for some time an adviser on love and relationships for a very well known dating site and even developed my own spiritual dating site that I later sold. It is still in existence.


I was raised Christian, but I have studied in depth all the world's major faith traditions. For this reason I consider myself Interfaith and consider LOVE to be my main religion. To let you know I believe in prayer and teach meditation. Those prayers and meditations are often extended to my clients free of charge.


I have 5 books in print. My best-selling book (over 50,000 copies sold) is on the law of attraction called Beyond the Secret. My other books are on love, relationships, and meditation. At one point I was flying around the country and speaking on TV and radio giving talks on my book topics.

In addition I have in my life been featured in numerous magazines including in the past having syndicated columns.


In my career I have had radio programs four times sharing my wisdom and interviewing many famous people in the spiritual and self-help fields, two programs on the Internet, two through traditional broadcast radio (not Internet based). In one program I was the weekly guest psychic and astrologer. Some of these shows were syndicated sending my show world-wide. Later I was an adviser for the largest dating site around.
Approach to Topics
INTUITIVE, SUPER FAST, COMPASSIONATE, NO TOOLS: I am a compassionate person who sincerely wants you to improve your ability to have love, happiness, and success. My readings are fast and direct so I don't waste your valuable time and money. I do not need to use any tools. I simply tune in quickly to your soul energy, while tapping into my own soul energy to enhance my intuitive skills. Then I share with you what I see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience) and feel in my body (clairsentience) to help you understand what is going on in your life and in the lives of those connected to you. To let you know I never censor my impressions, good or bad. I am always honest, though I try very hard to deliver anything that does not look good in a kind and compassionate way.

MOST OF MY CLIENTS RECEIVE EXTRA SUPPORT BEYOND CALLS/CHATS in the way of free meditations, free minutes, prayers, and more!

THE BEST TIMES TO REACH ME: Best times are between 8 am to 10 am PST and 4 to 8 pm PST. Though I am frequently available most times throughout the day every day and night.

WANT TO REACH ME RIGHT AWAY IF I AM NOT ONLINE? TRY A CALL BACK! My phone calls me right away to let me know. If I can get to you right away, please know that I will.

PLEASE BECOME INFORMED OF KEEN'S RULES! --- NO HEALTH, LEGAL, or PREGNANCY QUESTIONS are allowed on Keen. Please understand this to save yourself time, money, and disappointment when any of us here on Keen follow the rules and refuse to answer them these kinds of questions. Blessings, Lisa

Learn more about me through my interview with KEEN about my approach through the link below.

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