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*I'M BACK!* 5 Star Reader on Keen since 2010! Receive mind-blowing accuracy with specific details concerning your loved one! Absolutely no sugar-coating. Get truthful and and honest answers when you call now!
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Aubrey is a professional psychic who also serves clients on a personal basis in Palm Springs, CA. She is known for being the #1 psychic in the California Desert, with several hundred 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. She is also becoming more internationally known, being able to serve people overseas. When you call Aubrey, you know that you will be receiving quality and legitimate readings due to her popularity outside of Keen.
Approach to Topics
Aubrey is a highly gifted psychic blessed with the "Four Claires". This is a super rare ability as she is able to see, hear, sense and feel energies all around her. This is what makes her readings unique, as when you give her the name of a loved one, she has the uncanny ability to literally sense and feel them, as well as tapping into their minds to see what they really think and feel about you! People are literally AMAZED by what she can do, and no other psychic on Keen can match Aubrey's gifts and talents.
As far as her approach is concerned, all she needs is your name, the name of the person (or people) in question, and the zodiac signs, as well as your questions. That's it! No fishing, and no asking a million questions. At times, she also uses the tarot to see what else she may be missing or to make future predictions on your situation.
Aubrey also acts as a spiritual coach to also guide you and to help you remove any blocks that are no longer serving you, and to help you move forward in your romantic life.
If you want truthful, honest answers, as well as feeling like you're talking to your best friend- call Aubrey today!!
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